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  • Well done Just Run - coming along nicely there, not sure I would have wanted to go out with a large roast dinner inside!!!!

    Felt tired this morning was going to cut it short but perked up a bit towards the end and did the 30 minutes - note to self must ditch the rain jacket way to hot now to be wearing it - will just have to put up with the tummy bouncing up and down - Good compliment though yesterday morning - I bloke I had a chat with when he saw me out running at the start of the year and the start of the journey  - spoke to me yesterday afternoon and said he had seen me out and about a couple of times and how well I was looking and more importantly how much weight it looked as if I had lost.  Happy days.

  • Hello everybody. image

    I'm still here... LOL

    Have been away on Lanzarote for a week.  Did lots of hiking, cycling and general walking and got my three runs in as well.

    Must got myself organised this week as am now proud owner of a dog and so we have to work around new routines etc.  I can't leave her alone too much so we'll have to learn to run with each other.  LOL  At the moment she still likes to trip me up.

  • Well done Nam - Lanzarote sounds good - and a dog to run with too!!!   I got myself an MP3 player to run with - not nearly so exciting!!!!

    The schedule said do 3 times 3 minutes this morning - with 3 minutes recovery - I did actually end up doing 4 times 3 minutes but 1 minute recovery as I felt that the 3 minutes was going to be way to long  - felt quite good during it too.

    Happy days!!!

  • Hi again,

    After 2 years out with Plantar Fasciitis that is my first week completed (yipee).

    Diary so far

    Monday 2nd Quick run only about 20 mins, foot felt fine but stamina rubbish.

    Tuesday 3rd Early morning start 6am, out for 35 mins running on golf course and roads shattered but all ok with foot must admit had to stop a few times.

    Thursday  5th Same again, 6am start out for 35 mins again having to walk run, but felt ok to atempt steep hill on golf course.

    Sat 7th Later run this time 6pm with wife, and daughter on her bike, lots of stopping and starting but felt ok.

     Tues 10th Out this morning 5.45 with my new running app on my phone ENDOMONDO what a great free apps this is, really good info that you can disect on your pc. Felt really heavy legged this morning and it was a bit of a stuggle but kept trying to reduce the walking breaks also tried out the gel sports soles that LIDL have on offer at present really good for £2.45.

     Not sure if doing too much too soon, not doubt my body will tell me.

  • Hello again everyone.  Sorry I've not been here for a while, but it's good to see some new faces!  Well done everyone for getting out there.

     I'm pretty fed up.  My back is causing me a lot of pain at the moment, and the doctor has told me to stop running because the high impact isn't good for it.  I've had lower back (disc) problems for the past three years.

    So I've decided to go right back to basics, and just walk.  Very frustrating, but it's much lower impact and much gentler on my aches and pains!  I'm aiming to "power walk" for half an hour three times a week, and see how it goes.

  • Grendel3 wrote (see)

    Well done Nam - Lanzarote sounds good - and a dog to run with too!!!   I got myself an MP3 player to run with - not nearly so exciting!!!!

    Ah yes, but your MP3 won't try to trip you up!!!  image

    I think we'll try a shuffle tonight with the dog.  I have a little lake near me with a trail around it and she runs nicely off the lead... well a darn site better than on the lead anyway... Will report back and see how it goes.   I have a little interval timer which beeps after set times.  She is bound to find it interesting!! haha

  • True Nam, I do keep the lead on the head phones very short!!!! so haven't tripped me up yet!!!! will look forward to hearing your progress!!!

    Good running there Paul but maybe if you are having to stop and walk maybe you are trying to do to much to fast as I think the stamina does tend to go before speed when you take a forced break - maybe just reign it in slightly!

    Sue it does sound as if the walking is the way to go - not quite the same but at least it means you can get out there and perhaps as you get fitter maybe able to break into a jog!!!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Well done on the weight loss Grendel, compliments like that sure give you a boost. I’m struggling wearing my cycling jacket so you must be roasting in yours running!

    Fair play to you for doing so much while away Nam, I like to run while I’m on holiday, gets the previous nights beer out of my system and sets you up for the day. Good luck with the new running partner.


    do you have some sort of schedule you’re sticking to? Its up to you but after so long out I would have thought a gentle introduction back to running would be sensible? Just take it easy!

    Good luck with the new ‘power walking’ Sue, must be very frustrating but very sensible to sort it out. If running isn’t possible then walking sounds a good idea. How about a bicycle?

    Tuesday 10 May - 14 minutes run / 1 minute walk x 2 - 2.9 miles

    The walk break is down to just 1 minute now so took it nice and easy. Found the run a breeze, felt full of running even at the finish. Very confident for the rest of the week now before I attempt the full 30 minutes.

    Week - 2.9

    Month - 14.56

    2011 - 76.55

  • Went swimming last night - not sure how many lengths as my wife is not a confident swimmer so we just go half way up the pool and then back but plodded up and down for 40 minutes so I rekon that equates to around 15-18 lengths of the pool -  

    Well well just checked a new route I did this morning which is according to map my run 3.36 miles - time taken 30:26 - which according to my calculation (actually Fetch worked it out) 9:03 minutes per mile - woo woo!!!

    Seriously really pleased with that

     Happy running everybody!!!

  •  Glad everyone is still progressing.

    Injury was diagnosed as peroneal tendonitis.The physio gave me a little ultrasound and advised on a stretch that would help. They also arranged for me to have a quick (free) appoinyment with a podiatrist. The podiatrist checked me over to make sure that there wasn't any underlying reason for the injury. He did say that I had inverted feet but not to the extent that it would be responsible for the injury. He advised that I would benefit from wearing supportive footwear such as trainers or regular shoes rather than spending the day barefoot or in slippers when at home.

    It's just over two weeks now and the pain has all but gone. I'm going to give it a few more days before trying a run. I think I'll take a step back down the schedule ladder to the run 3 min / walk 1 min x 6 stage. I don't see any point in pushing it, that would be just asking for the injury to come back.

    I'm itching to get back out there.

  • do what you think is best if you have to wait a few days then do that Rivvy Runner - patience now will make a difference in the long run!!!
  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Well done on the 9:03 mile pace Grendel, thats really impressive! Rivvy Runner, hope you are sorted soon but more important to come back strong rather than too quick. Just listen to your body, fingers crossed for you!

    Just got back from my run tonight, really nice conditions, sunny with a lovely breeze. Didn't look at my watch once, just went nice and steady. Managed to top 3 miles so really pleased with that, feeling stronger with every run!

    Week - 6

    Month - 17.66

    2011 - 79.65

  • Good running Just Run -

    I think we are being spoilt by this lovely weather

  • Well a fairly good run this morning - 3.36 miles again (according to Map my Run!!!) average pace around 9:07 minute miles so quite pleased with that as am now regularly under the 10 minute barrier.

    As I am not due to do any races now until the Autumn (1time 5 mile and 2 10Ks) I think I will use the route I have done twice this week as a time trial in 2 Sundays time when I come to the end of this block of 'training' 

     Will probably get on over the weekend but if not happy running everyone.

  • A bit of a let down on Saturday - Little Grendel came out to ride beside me which I thought would be a good idea - but we only did about 400 metres then he changed his mind - went home and I was going out to have a proper run and he decided that he would come too, not a problem as it suits me to have a recovery run Saturday - but even then we did not get very far - never mind a recovery run anyway!!

    Sundays run went quite well 45 minutes which according to map my run was about 4.6 miles so that will do me - felt very lethargic though but still going in the right direction. 

    Having an enforced rest day today as there is a teacher training day at the school so little Grendel is at Grandmas today so he and I stayed there over night and I did not have time to go out this morning and by the time we get home tonight it will be to late - but a rest is a rest and will be raring to go tomorrow -

    Hope everyone else is OK happy running!!!!

  • Quite a good morning fro a run today - did 3 miles but did it as 5 minutes warmup 5 minutes warm down and then 20 minutes fartlek.

    Felt I was going really well on the run out, turned back and realised there was a southerly wind which accounted for the feeling of flying - the return journey was not that much fun.

    Happy running everybody.


    Well Ive tried this running lark off and on for many years.  Generally to improve fitness for other sports. I have always found running for its own sake difficult - but did manage to come to terms with it last time i tried. And then i lapsed!! Again.

    Anyway went for a 1 min run 1 min walk on Wednesday - did it 10 times then a slow jog for 4 mins. Felt great came home had a lonnnnnnnnnng bath then thought id have a nap. So far so good - woke up and my knees were killing me. I had ran on grass as well so was somewhat perturbed.

    Anyway they were painful for a few days and then yesterday when they felt ok again I went and did 2 min run 1 walk x 8. And today no pain!!!!!! So today did the same x 10 and now off to the baths for a swim sauna jacuzzi and whatever the hell else they have!!

    I am obviously built for running - all 6 ft 2 and 18st 11 of me - but when I used to play American Football I weighed over 20 stone and could still jog for 20 minutes - think this may have contributed to the odd twinge in the knees previously - esp as I once had my kneecap moved to where it should have never been courtesy of an opponents helmet. How we laughed - not.

    Anyway as I have just passed my 48th birthday I figure its now or never. It either works this time or Im going to the couch eating lots of crisps and drinking lots of beer. I may be seen on a tv doc about the fattest man in the UK if I dont crack it this timeimage

  • Well done Slowjoe, enjoyed reading your story - it does seem to be a vicious circle or catch 22 or whatever other platitudes - to lose the weight you need to exercise but because you need to lose the weight you are putting that extra pressure on the joints - well keep the running up and keep it regular and hopefully the weight will start to come off and the running will get easier.

    Had a good run this morning the wind was still troublesome but I ran out into it for the first 15 minutes  and then turned for home which made it an OK if slightly tired run.  Overall about 3.25 miles so sub 10 minute miles again!! 

     Went swimming last night too which helps the little aches and niggles but didn't do much swimming as offspring has now gone up to cubs which is Wednesday so we are having to take him on Tuesday (he used to go to Beavers Tuesday) and he tends to ar*e about a bit.

    OH wants to go out for a jog tonight which to be honest not looking forward to!!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Those sub 10 minute miles are becoming a habit Grendel!

     I missed Sundays run as we were out all day. My daughter had a swimming gala in the afternoon and we didn't get home till 8:15. After a hectic weekend i was simply knackered Monday night so decided to simply miss the run. Tuesday i had to drop the car to my mechanic for the mot and cycled home meaning i'd cycled 15 miles in total Tuesday so missed my run again. Tonight i had to go and pick the car up so cycled to collect it and had my run, a good work out overall! Ran for 30 minutes non stop tonight covering 3.1 miles!!! image

    Welcome to the thread Slowjoe, good luck with the final stab at running. As Grendel says, as the weight gradually comes off the knees will take much less of a pounding so good luck to you!!!

    Out with the other half Friday, she also ran 30 minutes non stop today covering 3.4 miles, although she was on the treadmill so its much easier (thats what i keep telling her anyway). Will be very interesting when we enter a race together (looks like the Torbay 10k in August is the target). We are both very competitive!

    Week - 3.1

    Month - 20.76

    2011 - 82.75

  • 3 .1 miles non stop Just run, well done mate on top of the cycling too, you are obviously going in the right direction as well.

    Went out with Mrs Grendel last night again did about - 1.25 miles very slow but as a recovery run it was ok -

    This morning did 30.34 minutes again aproximately 3.25 miles so going well still with those sub 10 minute miles - if you had told me 12 years ago I would be getting excited about 9 minute miles I'm not sure I would have beleived you!!! but amd just happy to be out and going in the right direction - am hoping my MOT and Service doesn't cost to much next week as I am thinking about getting one of theose GPS things -

     Happy running everyone

  • Well the weekend is nearly upon us - my target for the weekend was to try and crack 30 minutes for the 3.25 mile course I run - and guess what ran 29.59 this morning!! so well pleased with that -

    may get on over the weekend but happy running everybody!!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Thanks Grendel, think i've lost a couple of pouds this week too so feeling quite pleased with myself. I know what you mean about getting excited about sub ten minute miles, but it does feel good!

     Got my car back from its MOT Wednesday, just needed some fuel system cleaner to clear it through the emissions test, ideal! I can thoroughly recommend a GPS watch, i have the Garmin 405 forerunner, irs great to see your pace and how far you've been. When i repeat routes you can race against old times which is good fun! Hope they don't find anything expensive to fix as you'll be very pleased if you buy one. 

    Well done on cracking 30 minutes for your 3.25 mile run, that's really good going! I went for my 30 minute run with the wife today and we covered 3.1 miles, sub 10 all the way. I felt a bit leggy today but still had a bit left in the tank for a stride out over the last 100 metres or so.

    Happy weekend running everyone, i'm off out very early Sunday morning (if i manage to get up!) before heading off to Woodlands for the day with the family.

    Week - 6.2

    Month - 23.86

    2011 - 85.85

  • Hi Guys

    Hope we are all doing well.

    Just had a steady run 2 walk 1 x 8 on Friday. Determined not to rush it this time.

    Might give it a rest Saturday then go out again Sunday.

  • Well done again slow joe - caution is definitely the best way to go - it took me 2 months to get to non stop running and then I a started to add a couple of minutes each week til I can now do 45 minutes (about 4.5 miles or so) and am averaging 30 miniutes  a day - so keep going and be patient.

    Well done too Just Run, keep looking at the Garmins and alternatvies so am depserately hoping that there is nothing to serious to worry about with the car - Friday week is d day!!!! (on the other hand we didn't have things like that back in the old days ad didn't do so badly!!)

    Well Satruday was a recovery run, only did 15 minutes easy without little Grendel he had doen a sponsored 40 lap of the school field on Friday so I decided to err on the side of caution and not let him come out. The Sunday depsite the  southerley wind managed a very comrotable 45 minutes

    Felt it all a bit this morning though so I didn't do the normal measured route I just plodded about so that I did not have anything to compare it to!!!

    Fartlek tomorrow!!!!

    Happy running all

  • Just found this thread and had to join in.

    I have been trying to runfor a couple of years and have done a few very slow 10Ks but have been held back by uncontrolled asthma and being several stone overweight.

    Got the asthma under control now and started trying to run again using the run/walk for beginners whcih starts with 4min wlak to 2 in run. I found this really hard and got very disheartened so thought sod it I am just going out to do 3 miles with my heart rate monitor on and go on 65-75%- it worked! Did 3 x 3 miles last week so am on my way now. Not very quick but that will improve as I get more miles under my belt.

    Moral of the tale for me is that doing the run/walk stuff may not be the best way to get back into running. Trust your instinct and do what seems right for you.

    Dr Fish

  • Welcome Dr Fish, like you I idn't get on with the walk run thing because i found anything more than a 1 minute recovery was to long so I just built up the amount of running whilst leaving it at a 1 minute recovery. I then just reduced the length of recovery from a minute to 30 seconds then away it went.

    Oh well did a session this morning which was based on an old session I used to do -which was 20 times 200 metres with short recovery - so what I did was 20 times 30 seconds off 30 seconds recovery - with full warmup and  short warm down - not sure that the 30 seconds were eyeballs out and were a bit tentative but a good session nonethe less.

    I have found a new 5K schedule on the Garnin Website which I intend to start next week, as it will bring me through to September and my next 5 mile race.

    Happy running everyone.

  • must have a look at the schedules on the garmin website. I signed up ages ago for a 10k which is in a couple of weeks. I am woefully unprepared but will do it anyway. I am signed up for another 10K in July so could do with a schedule for that.

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Keep it going Slowjoe, theres no rush! A nice gentle introduction back ino running will reap dividends later on.

    Welcome aboard Dr Fish. I’m very jealous of you guys who can skip the walk breaks! Lets hope your return to running is a long and successful one! I agree with doing whats right for you. For me, walk breaks are a great way to build up long runs, they break the monotony and keep your legs fresh!

    Sounds like your running is really coming on Grendel, all these fartlek sessions must be really boosting your fitness! I’m going to start adding a few minutes to one of my runs from next week as I start to gently increase time and distance. I’m hoping to do a 1 mile time trial next Thursday so I can see where I am in regards to pacing my runs a little better, making sure the longer runs are nice and slow and the Thursday run will become my quicker session as before.

    Well Sundays run didn’t materialise but I think the fact I don’t stress about missing a run these days shows I’m a more mature runner than before. I no longer fret about missing a session and half the time don’t even worry about what pace I’m running, I’m far too busy just enjoying it! I will make sure that even when my mileage starts to build that one run a week will simply be a ‘fun’ run. No pace, no distance, just run!

    Tonights effort was a little shorter than planned. I set off planning to do 30 minutes but went off a bit quicker than usual settling into a nice ‘steady’ pace and decided that as I have a bit of a head cold I would make todays effort a 20 minute one. My nice ‘steady’ pace set off at 9:28 per mile pace for the first km, progressed to 9:06 for the second km and hit 8:38 in the third! I knew I was running fairly quick but even I couldn’t believe the last (almost) half km…..7:46!!! I was breathing out my other end over the last 200 metres or so but really did enjoy the run. Bring on Thursday!!!

    Week - 2.26 Month - 26.12 2011 - 88.11
  • Brilliant running Just Run =

    Went swimming this evening with offspring and for the first time ever he swam unaided - well pleased with himself he as !!!

  • Hi Just Run

    I dont skip the walk breaks but I take them based on my heartrate rather than an arbitrary time, it seems to work better for me that way and is a more natural way to run. Roll  on being able to run without a break!

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