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  • Used to fish a lot whne I was younger, but then I discovered the joys of running and my weekends were suddenly used up at races and training - out in the open but all over in two hours or so rather than a cold wet river bank!! My only fishing these days is my annual trip to a local lake with my two nephews and now my son as well -

    Good weekends running, 4 miles Saturday and then the same yesterday. Saturday went off quite well felt OK but yesterday was a bit different struggled for all of it really just shows that McDonalds is not the best food for replenishing carbs!!!  This morning using my virtual running partner -(I am racing him but can't see him on the screen) I went out to run 2 miles in 19:00 and ended up back home in 17:57 so pleased with that - am now going to increase the tuesday, wednesday and Thursday runs up up to 4 miles then just do a shorter one on the Monday and Friday.

    Got a text from a friend yesterday morning to tell me she had run the Sunderland 10K in 58:32 so there you have it my target time for my 10K in October!! 

     Happy running

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    58 minutes sounds a good target Grendel, although the way you're going i reckon 48 minutes is closer to the mark!. I did the Taunton 10k in about 53:30 minutes in 2008 so anything close to 55 minutes would be great for me, although sub 60 may be a realistic target, i will see where i am closer to the race.

    Nice 2 mile loup tonight coming off the canal for a change  and along the country lanes. Felt a bit crap today but did go for a 15 mile bike ride last night, knocking 3 minutes off my pb for the route and had a race with a proper road bike on the way home from work (which i won on my fast hybrid) so maybe a little tired before i started!

    Week 2

    Month - 17.27

    2011 - 108.25

  • I am guessing Just Run that a 15 mile cycle ride would take it out of you, so well done on the run!!

    Rhink 48 minutes is a bit optimistic (can't go by my last 10K as that was 35:04!!!  The key will be how well I recover during the taper in the couple of weeks before -

    My secret is that I want to beat my 18 year old nephew who beat me at the 5 mile race we did -

    This morning was good, I ran 4 miles in 36:47 which surprised me somewhat but was quietly pleased with that one -

    Happy days

  • Lovely morning to be out  today, strangely I seem to see more people at 6 am when the weather is bad - the sun was shining and the sea calm - a slight southerly breeze which slowed me slightly but it also pushed me along the other way so - hay-fever still a problem around the grasslands area but not quite as bad!!!  Once again attacked by a seagull, after the Tuesday morning direct hit, he seems to have backed off a bit but I am still a bit wary of it - the trouble is, as noisy as they are - when he goes into attack mode he comes in silently - Oh well that is living by the sea!!!

    did 4.14 miles this morning, although it was only my intention to run 3 but when I turned for home decided one more loop would give me the 4 so - off I went ran 37.24 minutes so happy with that -

    a Two mile run on the cards tomorrow being paced by my virtual friend - who still does show on the screen but I know he is there!!!

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    I'll put tuesdays run down to the bike ride Grendel, felt much better tonight!

    On the plus side, tonights run was my best for a while. Although not quick, 20:52 for 2 miles, it was so easy, it almost felt like i was going as slow as possible so that must be a good sign. It felt effortless.

    On the bad side, i have done something to my back? I have some pain in my upper back, and whenever i take in a full breath i get a sharp shock making me breathless suddenly? Its really quite painful and was causing me discomfort for the second mile of my run. It doesn't seem any better now i've stopped either so probably twinged something. Will take it easy cycling to work tomorrow and have a rest day Saturday and hopefully i'll be okay for Sundays 3 miles.

    Week 4

    Month - 19.27

    2011 - 110.25

  • I'm on the same boat. Started running last summer and had gradually over 5 months built up to 30 miles a week , which was fine.  Foolishly, I ran 20 miles in 2 days when I knew my legs were tired and picked up a knee injury.  After a couple of failed attempts at running after 2 and 3 weeks rest, it eventually took 7 weeks of complete rest from running then gym work to get back to it.

    I ran 2 miles on Monday and 2.5 miles today pain-free.  I'm so relieved to be running again. It feels great.  

    Anyway, I'm planning on running every third day for a couple of weeks then going to every second day for a while after that. Weekly mileage will be very slow builing up.  I'm just totally chuffed to be able to run again. I missed it.

  • Did an easy recovery run this morning - feel I am cheating myself a bit just doing the 2 miles - but need to learn from some mistakes I made a few years ago - rest is as important as the actual training - let my virtual partner have a lie in this morning and ran as I felt - did 2 miles looking to run 10 minute mile pace but comfortably did 2.25 in 19.27 which equated with about 8:57 per mile that will do - still looking to run sub 58 for the 10k in October just run not the 48 you suggested!!! anything under that will be a bonus -

    Caution is definitely the key Thomas - the challenge is to do what you set out to do - rather than rush things

    Happy running all

  • Ran a  quite easy 4 miles Saturday - followed that up again with the same on Sunday - bith times I managed to get up and out by 6:10 am so plenty of time to do the other stuff - have decided to have a rest day next sunday - the first for a while as we are at my parents (although the call of the country park where I used to run is very strong) 

     I did  2.25 miles this morning - which is the way to go at the moment and Mrs Grendel works Monday and Friday so I have to get home and showered before she is up and I can get out of her way.   

     Enjoyed each run although hamstrings a bit sore - but manageable - both runs in the low 9s or late 8s so ok with that - weather was nice too so  all in all a happy couple of days plodding.

     Have been back running now for 6 moths so think I have come quite a long way since December.

    Happy running

  • Planned to run 2.75 miles today but went hill-walking instead. Decided this would be a good way to help strengthen leg muscles and give a good cardio workout.

    Happy with the walk, 3100ft of ascent, 8 miles. Just under 4 hours up and down including a 40 minute rest at the top..  Legs felt strong and my knee didn't miss a beat.  Good stretch afterwards and everything feels good.  

    After that, I feel a bit more confident going forward.

     Will go for the 2.75 miles on Wednesday.

  • Sounds a great alternative to running Thomas.

    4 miles this morning avereraged just over 9 minute miles, but a lot of it was under that magic mark - towards the end was steaming along at 7 something almost like the old days

    Happy days and will pay tomorrow I've no doubt!!

  • Didn't pay for it after but felt a bit flat - running for virtually 2.5 miles into a stiff South Westerly breeze with the waves crashing onto the rocks and spray coming over the sea wall, not to many people about , the return journey was a lot quicker and averaged 9.16 for 4 miles, but still enjoyed it - After 12 years of inactivity it is great to be back!!! 

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    Hi Thomas, welcome to the thread, hope your run went well last night?

    Your times are making me jealous Grendel!

    I've printed myself a schedule from smartcoach and i'm going to try to stick to it as i gradually build my mileage. Missed Sundays 3 mile run due to a beach trip. Went to Charmouth beach and came home with a bucket full of fossils and three very pleased children.

    Went for a nice steady 2 miles on Tuesday followed by 3 slow miles tonight in 32 minutes. My ankle has been a bit painful recently, its almost like a nerve is being trapped as the pain comes and goes throughout the day without warning. My knee has also been aching a little, this too comes and goes and is a little frustrating. Been keeping up my stretches and they certainly make me feel better. Will keep an eye on it but as i type my ankle feels great and my knee fine. Even during a run the pain can come and go without any warning? If it persists or gets worse i will have an easy week and see how it responds, then it may be another trip to the physio image

    Week 5

    Month - 24.27

    2011 - 115.25

  • Good progress there Just Run. Thanks for the welcome.

    My run yesterday was brilliant.  Got up early and went out before work.

     3 miles in 25:30 so 8:30 m/m average.  It was totally pissing down but I really enjoyed it.

    More importantly, no aches or pain during or before the run and fine today.  I had intended to run every third day at first but I'm going to go out again tomorrow and do a different 3 mile route. I think a few miles every second day will be fine. I've not lost as much fitness as I thought I would so I feel pretty good about that.   

     I also like getting to write in my training diary again.image

  • Another good one this today. Cracking sunny morning.

     3 miles, 26:24, 8:48 m/m average.Some mild hills involved today so a bit slower but I'm not concered with speed just now.

     Next run would be Sunday but that's not going to happen as I have a night out on Saturday so it will be Monday, probably 3 miles again.

  • SOunds like you are going well Thomas - am envious of the 8 something average but am wortking towards that - 

    Big weigh in last Sunday (we don't have scales at home) and I weighed myself for the first time since the 27th March - have now lost 1stone 10lbs since all this started on the 31st December 2010 - even my Dad, not known for praise type comments mentioned that my tummy was going down - so for him to say that it must be.   am now down to 11:13lb (and counting) the goal now to get to 10 stone something by the end of the year - also those two races - the Southend 10K and the Wix 5 miles - my goal for the 5 will be 45 minutes and the 10K sub 58 and looking at last years results of the 6, a chance to catch up with some of my old running buddies!!

    Haven't been on since Thursday so to recap - a 2 mile run on Friday in 17:53 was followed by a 4.5 miler on Saturday in 43:31 - AND get this Sunday was a deliberate rest day - the first I have taken since the 28th March I do wonder whether I should build in a rest day each week or 10 days - but am not inclined to at the moment - just the joy of running despite the continuing dive bombing of the sea gulls!!! (when do the young leave the nest?)

    Monday was an easy short er run day and did 2.6 followed this morning by a 4 where despite the fine weather struggled abit -

    We are going 'swimming' tonight which usually helps the aches and pains and tomorrow (watch this space) will try an do a bit of fartlek  if my hamstring will hold out.

    Happy days!!! (sorry for the typos =- spell check not working)

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    For some strange reason (my IT skills probably) my post from Sundays 4 mile run has not appeared!?!

    Well, i did 4 miles around the country lanes nice and slow, including a few hills. Finished very strongly and raring to go for tonights easy 2 miler. Tempted to go a bit further but will stick with the plan, an easy 2 miles it is!

    Week 9

    Month - 9

    2011 - 119.25

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Had a nice easy 2 miles on the treadmill tonight. First time for a while on the thing but just fancied a quick, easy run. Upped the pace over the last half mile but barely broke sweat. Got a 3 mile run planned for Thursday before Sundays 5 mile long run. Getting there slowly but surely!

    Been keeping up the stretches and have to say i'm feeling pretty good at the moment. Entries for the Taunton 10k should be available by the end of the month  and looking forward to training for a proper event.

    Week - 2

    Month - 11

    2011 - 121.25

  • I stand in awe that you actually have the discipline to stretch regularly - I did some hamstrnign stretches last night in the swimming pool but not many!!!

    Once you have entered the race you will then have a real goal and it all becomes easier - have entered the Southend 10K as you know BUT am waiting for the1st of August to enter the 5 mile race later in October - have got a task set up for the 1st August to remind me!!!!

    This morning went well, averaged under 9 minutes for 4.12 miles doing fartlek which was good and touch wood hamstring seems to have held up.   On the downside the sea gulls seem to be getting even more agressive as the attacks were more frequent this morning and they were coming in even lower (perhaps they don't like being woken at 6 o'clock) unfortunately their territory is on part of my route that I can't avoid.

    Oh well happy running

  • That's some pretty good weight loss Grendel. I lost 2 stone in the last 6 months of last year. it really is a great feeling to reap the benefits of all your hard work. Well done.

    I didn't run on Monday due to feeling a bit worn out so went this morning.

    3.00 miles, 24:37,  8:13 m/m average.  I ran it on grass for a change and as I'm still easing in after my knee injury.  That was a bit faster than I meant to run but I think my enthusiasm got the better of me.image

     No aches or pain so I think  my next one will be Saturday.


  • I feel pretty good on the weight loss front and as the advice to lose weight was originally a health issue have benefited no end -

    I am well impressed with the times that you are turning out in training Thomas  - and am hoping over the next 6 months or so to get down to that sort of pace - buying the garmin has created a two edged sword - whilst it tells me how far and how fast - all my runs now are against the clock so I really need to slow some down, and is why I have re-added the speed work type work out - but will stick to the informal fartlek sessions rather than intervals for the time being - am running about 25 miles per week now but will look gradually to increase that to 30 - probably the limit at the moment, by increasing my Saturday and Sunday runs.

    Have a long term goal, if it still exists, to run in the 2013 Brentwood Half marathon which will be the 30th anniversay of my first ever race - have nearly a year and a half - turned down my guaranteed place in London for next year as I just don't hink I will ever be able to do my self justice -

    But as I have said before just great to be running again despite the  seagulls

  • Paid big time this morning for a bad nights sleep - but managed to get through a 4.25 minute run in 40:25 -

    Seagulls still out n force this morning - though they had all disapeared but no suddenly surrounded by them !! Oh well the joys of seaside living

  • ran a recovery 2.56 miles this morning - can't remember what the actual time was - 23 and bits but certainly felt better than yesterday morning which was good - (couldn't feel any worse!!)

    Seem to miss the seagulls too which was quite nice - it is certainly off putting to be dive bombed!! especially since I read an article where a pensioner had been killed when one had hit him on the top of the head!!! (I am not a pensioner btw!!!)

    Oh well happy days and happy running everybody. 

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Fair play to you for nbot resorting to shooting the blighters Grendel!!!

    Impressive times the pair of you are posting! I'm very envious!

    Went for a hilly 3 miles after work in 32:24, not bad as i took it nice and easy and only the first half mile is flat. Got 5 miles pencilled in for Sunday and really looking forward to it now. Can't wait to post a 10k run, even if its a slow one. Feeling fitter with each passing week and even managed to shift a couple of pounds taing me down to 91kg. I would like to get back down to around 86kg for the Taunton 10k and as my distance gradually increases each week i'm confident of giving it a real go. Left my orthotics at home this morning (don't wear them on my bike) so my ankle was a bit sore after being on my feet all morning at work.

    Week - 5

    Month - 14

    2011 - 124.25

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    After just spending the last 20 minutes typing what i thought was a very interesting and informative post on my 5 mile Sunday run, Runners World yet again logged me out, blamed a tech problem and lost my post!!! Not for the first time either!!! image

    How many times will this happen before i learn to copy my bloody text before i hit post?

    Anyway, one very hilly, often painful (400ft+ climbed), sweaty Sunday run later and i'm done in!

    Bring on next week!

    Week - 10

    Month - 19

    2011 - 129.25

  • Hope you fine folk don't mind me posting here...I've read through the entire thread, and it's really inspirational to see how well you're doing. Good times for sure, and it's heartening to see that the bodies are holding up!

    I recently started up my own running programme after 15 months out - technically I'm still injured, but keeping the distance low means that the pain isn't so bad, and it'll hopefully get me fit again! Yesterday I ran a 3.5km (21:21), not too fast but it felt so good to be out running, rain and all image

    Keep it up guys!
  • Welcome Moonlight - as long as the pain is manageable I guess it is OK- I know what you mean - it just feels great to be out - I had 12 years out injury and other stuff but am loving being back - I can't do what I used to do but am trying slowly to get back but just love being out and about - some me time in the morning before the day and the demands start!

    Yesterday was a very windy 4 miles over 40 minutes but some was off raod and I didn't take a lot of notice of the time - also a different 4 miles to normal so it really was 2 miles into the wind.

    Decided to do 5 today which with the bits on top (.15 of a mile) did in 50 minutes and 15 so under 10s  - again the wind was strong - but running by the sea when it is rough is a great feeling and I realise how lucky I am!!

  • Cr*p run this morning only did 2.5 (which was the intention) wind was so Strong was doing 11 something on the way out which turned into 8 something on the way back  but felt tired all the way.
  • I strained a muscle on my back at the weekend carrying PA equipment out of a club.image

    Seriously gutted. Not sure how long it will be until I can run again but I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  


  • Can you run through it?

  • I doubt it. I've spent the last 2 days either in my bed or lying on the floor with my legs up on the coffee table. I can't imagine being able to run any time soon. 
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