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    Hopefully the doctors can get you sorted Thomas sooner rather than later - must be very frustrating not to be able to run due to a non running injury!!

  • Yeah, it sucks.  Went to the doctors this morning. He told me it's not bad and if I feel OK I should think about running again in 7-10 days. I've just to keep moving so it doesn't get stiff.

    It actually feels much better today since I've been up and about. I guess I'm looking at 2 weeks off in the worst case so I can handle that. I'm only running about 9 miles a week anyway so I'm not missing a great deal.

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    That sounds better news hopefully you will be out again soon - two weeks isn't so bad - I guess.
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    Tuesday 19 July – 2 miles easy

    Hello Moonlight, welcome to the thread! I’m not too sure about my body holding up, i think its more a kind of determined ignorance that gets me through each run! I’m in a similar boat to yourself, technically injured but running slower, stretching plenty and gradually seeing improvement.

    Grendel, i know what you mean about feeling tired all the way, Sunday was that kind of run. Today’s effort, however was much better. Okay, it was just 2 miles but despite starting a little heavy legged i really hit a stride in the second mile, running a very, very easy 10 minute mile which was pleasing as it felt like there was so much in my legs to give. Just had a good stretch, now for a welcome shower.

    Sorry to hear about your back Thomas, as someone who has had physio on and off for about three years since injuring my back i can relate to your frustration. Chin up! It will improve and you’ll be back running soon. Just make sure you do any necessary stretches, it’ll save you in the long run. Fingers crossed for you!

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  • 12 years out, Grendel?! What was ailing you, if you don't mind me asking? Really puts my own injury into perspective, it's a blink of an eye in comparison. Good to see that you've put that behind you and are enjoying the running again image Thanks for the welcome!

    And thank you too, Just Run - not to worry, I pride myself on my own blatant ignorance of what I technically shouldn't be doing image do you find that the stretching really helps you out? I've been trying to get my nerves to slide and glide a little more via sciatic nerve stretches, but nothing yet. At any rate...nice one, and good luck with your next run! image

    Cracked out a 4.5k yesterday, punted along in 25:32 and felt pretty good about it afterwards, the leg hurt a bit but generally held up okay. Planning on entering the Cambridge parkrun this weekend, and see where I am in terms of competitive fitness...trailing across the line somewhere near the back, no doubt!

    Edit: And today, my first threshold session since I resumed training, though I cut it short due to my body giving me grief. 2 x 1km at 4:00 pace, two minute rest interval. Felt pretty decent and my form was good, but aching all over the shop! Going to rest now until the parkrun this weekend image
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    Moonlight - not 12 years of injury - but a couple of years of injury and was never able to get back to a level I was happy with - it coincided with marriage and baby and stuff too.

    I only started again on the 31st December when after a health scare (fortunately it was just a scare and nothing serious) the doc suggested I needed to lose a couple of stone - so off I went and started jogging again -

    I did a 5 mile race after 2 months of jogging which I duly completed and have carried on from there. I have entered a 10K in October and on the 1st August am going to enter another 5 mile race on the 16th October - The plus side too is that I have lost nearly 2 stone in the last 6 months with the target of another stone over the next 6 months (my wife has asked that I don't lose anymore after that - as when she met me I weighed 9 stone and apparently looked like a skeleton!!!

    Well yesterday I did a fartlek session - a mile warmup and then 3 miles fartlek and then a couple of hundred yard jog - and followed that up with a very slow laborious 4 this morning (I manged to come second last in the dads race at the school sports but am about 100 years older than the other teenage dads round here!!!

    Happy days

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    Seemed to be running along quite smoothly this morning only did 2.58 miles and according to the stanav thingy was cruising at sub 9 minute mile pace most of way (including a last .25 of a mile sun 8 - so was a bit disapointed then to down load an average of 9.08 per mile - oh well it was a lovely morning and have a brand new pair of New Balance something or others to wear when the puddles dry up!! courtesy of that nice man who runs Newcastle United - One of my friends a Sunderland supporter said I should give Sports Direct any business - but I pointed out I would buy from the Tottenham Chairman if it saved me money !!

     Oh well happy days and happy running - a 4.5 mile Saturday and a 5 mile sunday to look forward to!!

  • Grendel: I understand. It's great that you've managed to get back on board so quickly though, and that you're enjoying it again. How bad would it have been if you had to shed the pounds but disliked running? 2 stones in six months is a result that many would kill for, nice one! A good reason to get back into it all - dunno how you're clocking up that mileage either, care to lend me some of that elixir?! Awesome running. And are you a Gooner, by chance? image

    I was intending on a fartlek yesterday but begged off in fear of overusing the old peg leg, so I left it until the 5km parkrun today. I wasn't expecting much, but got on better than my wildest dreams - 21:53 thanks to an overly enthusiastic pacemaker that I stalked around the course for the duration. Absolutely killed me - was questioning my sanity by the halfway point - but I was happy at the end! image Hoping to edge slowly towards that sub-20 time by the end of the summer, if the leg holds out...
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    Moonlight, I am one of the old school you put in what you get out used to run twice a day up to 80 miles each week (max 100)  - and those days seem a long long time ago  - will be looking to follow you under 20 minutes at some point but not for a while yet!!!

    Well done to you for the 21:53 - never done a park run but the very name suggests off road? so I imagine that sub 20 isn't far away. am a gooner although was more bothered by it all before I discovered cross country.

     Did an very comfortable 4.5 miles this morning the weather was lovely and no wind - am up for a 5 tomorrow - although had a Mcdonalds for tea so not really carbo loading!!!

    But well done again on that 21:53!!!

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    oh well 'long' sunday run now done and dusted - 5.29 miles in a fraction over 50 and felt pretty good despite no carbs of any real substance yesterday!! - I even overtook another runner!!!

    Happy days!!!

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    Moonlight, yes the stretches work! i don't half notice the difference when i don't bother! My wife, on the other hand never ever stretches! well done on the park run, would love to do one if i ever get quick enough but the nearest ones 15 miles away.

    Grendel, so you're a gooner eh? well i'm a chelsea boy so i can see some light hearted banter being aired over the next 10 months!

    Did a 4.8 mile long run with the wife this afternoon. My hip flexor was aching a little although a good sretch afterwards seemed to sort it out. Kept the pace nice and easy most of the way and stretched my legs over the last half km, hitting about 7m/m pace.

    As i missed Thursdays run due to a school bbq with the kids i'm going to repeat this week so next week its 2 miles, 5 miles and 6 miles....until something comes up again!

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  • I got out for 4 miles on Saturday and 4 miles this morning. Both were brilliant runs, it's sooo good to be running again.  There have been no aches or niggles and I'm starting to feel like a runner again.image

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    Glad to hear it Thomas, i'm getting that same feeling of being a runner again. Lost another couple of pounds this week too, and although it'll take a little while to tone up and shift the spare tyre i know i'll get there. Just wish they'd hurry up and start taking entries for the Taunton 10k so i can get my entry in. Thats what really gets me out the door, having a race to aim at. Off for an easy 2 miles tonight., the wife is trying to pursuade me to stay in and watch tv......i'm having none of that! Think she's worried i'm getting ahead of her in the training stakes!

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    Tuesday 26th July - 2 miles

    2 mile run along the canal tonight. Lovely run, beautiful day today but just cooled enough to make the run pleasant. Upped the pace a little again over the last half mile, hitting sub 8m/m. Average pace was 9:49 so well pleased with that as it was an easy run.

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    Just Run, not so much of a gooner that I really care nowadays - I spent my youth watching Terry Neil and Don Howe and then George Graham's boring boring Arsenal so whether they win or los the fact that they play the most entertaining football in the PL is enough really!  My main interest at the moment is posting on Barcelona's facebook page - about them buying Fabregas!! as I think he would look very good sat on their bench or injured in the stands!!!  My real interest in sport has been athletics particularly middle and long distance running - I was hooked the moment I saw Steve Ovett kick past John Walker and the rest of the field  in the World Cup in 1977!!.

    Yesterday was a pretty good 4 miles - I averaged 8:57 so well pleased with that.

    Followed yesterday's up with a fartlek session - one mile warm up followed by 3 miles fartlek and surprise surprise on one of the longer stretches I was running sub 7 minute miles - now it is 12 years since that happened and I know it was only about a third of a mile but but was really please with that - slightly sore hamstring now though!!!

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    Well the last two or three days caught up with mie this morning, felt shattered and felt like calling it a day - chose to do 3 miles instead of planned 4, but as I approached home relaised I had already done 3.3 so carried on to do the 4 - about 9.30 minute miling - it was quite humid this morning, but I think in reality I have not had that much in the way of dinners over the last few nights as other commitments - a big big bowl of pasta planned for tonight a short easy run tomorrow and then a rest day Sunday.
  • 5 miles yesterday morning in 40:51, 8:10 m/m average.

    That was at 730am and it was really hot even that early. It was a great run and I enjoyed it a lot. I went round faster than I wanted though.

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    Think you've earned that rest on Sunday Grendel! Nice to see despite not religiously following the Arsenal that like every good gunner you're getting the excuses in early! 

    Impressive running Thomas, thats some pace.

    5 miles tonight, 1 mile warm up, 3 miles @ 9:39 and 1 mile warm down. I'm not as quick as i'd like to be but that will come, one thing that has stuck is my half decent pacing. My splits were 10:49, 9:35, 9:29, 9:35, 10:48. 6 miles on Sunday, can't wait!!!

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    LOL re the Gunner thing - unless he buys can't see them doing much this season - one of my great joys at the moment is posting on the Barcelona FaceBook page - pleading with them to take fabregas off the Arsenal's hands!!!

    Nice 2.5 mile run today as I have to get back as I am off and my wife is working today so went out early and came back in time to get my shower before she needed to get in.

    Averaged 8.58 which surprised me a bit as I was running a bit quicker than that for a lot of it - must have slowed down when not concentrating or started really slowly - although possibly if I was to stop the time rather than let the garmin go into auto pause then I wouldn't get the slower average!!

  • 5 miles today in the daytime heatimage

     40:30, 8.06 m/m average. I need to slow my training runs down a bit.  Apart from that, everything is going great. No aches or niggles anywhere.  Next one will be Sunday morning, another 5 miles .


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    Good running there Tom - I can only dream of those averages!!!
  • Hmmmm, not so sure about running  tomorrow. If I do my planned 4 or 5 miles tomorrow that will make about 17 for the week. It sounds a lot for just having started again but it has only been every second day.  I'm not having any sort of problems, aches or niggles but I think  I will err on the side of caution and just go out on my bike tomorrow instead or hit the gym.

     My intention was not to think about weekly mileage for a while, and just to run every second day but I can't help but think of what I've done this week.

     I'll not run tomorrow, leaving me on 14 miles for the week. I think I'll use that as my starting point and 10% rule from there.

  • Great to see the three of you running so well guys, if you don't mind me saying.

    Grendel: I can't even contemplate 80 miles a week in my head, your legs must've been hewn from granite! You'll get there image and thank you, was pretty chuffed with the time, fortunately a pacer went out too quickly so he took me with him! It was indeed offroad, parkruns are good events...pretty casual, but competitive at the same time. Nice one on your continued runs too!

    Just Run: Thanks for the advice on the stretches, I'll look into upping that part of my routine! Can't be worse than collapsing in a tired heap, anyway image and thanks! The nearest one's pretty far from us too, but we made a special trip out there...couldn't do it every week, alas.

    I'm still feeling the pain of injury, but getting it looked into, as ever - in the meantime, more runs! Have done 3.5k, 4k and a brutal hill session (8 x 400m uphill, averaged 1:38 per rep, horrifically tough!) in the last six days. Think the years shaved off my life by that hill stint wasn't quite worth the trouble, but too late now...testing out a 4.5k on road tomorrow, fingers crossed. Trying to stick at 6:00/km but pacing can be tricky image

    Currently at the stage where I want to jump my mileage up from ~16km per week to 20+, but I'm pretty scared to shred my leg up. I think taking a leaf out of Thomas' book is best, and holding fire for now.
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    Sunday 31 July - 6 miles - 1:02:14

    My furthest run since last October! Kept the pace nice and steady throughout, and although i'd had enough after 3 miles i seemed to find my stride over the last 2 miles and still just about managed to stride out over the last half mile, hitting sub 8m/m. I don't get to see many other runners along my route but i did get passed by one this morning, none other than British athlete Jo Pavey. I did think about putting my foot down but didn't want to embaress the girl!

    Really pleased with my progress at the moment, although not looking forward to next weeks speedwork session.

    Can't believe when i started this thread it was full of run 1 minute, walk 1 minute posts and now its all fartlek, hill sessions, speedwork and LSR's! Long may it continue.

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  •  This thread has given me alot of inspiration..

    My running has been stop/start for a while now through injuries and I decided on holiday last week that it is time to get myself back in shape properly. I played a bit of football on holiday and was amazed at how out of shape I am. I have entered races in the past but not actually taken part due to  injury. However as my son is 15 now, he is old enough to take part in many races and we have eyed up a 10k in November as our target.

     I will be taking it easy and trying to prevent injury( as I do seem prone) run/walk to begin with and see where we get.

    August 1st seems a great day to change my lifestyle...Fingers crossed..

  • Good work people.

    5 miles yesterday in 41:34, 8:18m/m.

     I've made enquiries about joining my local running club. I was going to do it a few months back just before I got injured, so I'm looking forward to that.

     Next run will either be tomorrow or Thursday. 

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Welcome to the thread Beachball, i know how you feel with injuries, slow and steady is the best way to get back into running. I used walk breaks to great effect and just a few months later i'm running a Sunday 6 mile run. I got fed up with being out of shape, and while i find Family Guy the funniest thing on tv i just didn't want to end up looking like Peter Griffin (like the pic).

    Fantastic pace Thomas, good luck with the running club. If i could stay injury free and get back somewhere near my best i would be very tempted to join my local running club. At the moment i'm just concentrating on building my mileage and hopefully getting into better shape (although the fridge keeps calling my name at the moment).

    Nice easy 2 mile run after work this evening, the run was put on hold for a couple of minutes as a cyclist and i found our path blocked by a family of swans and the parents weren't keen on letting us past! Luckily, the gentlemans bike proved a valuable shield and we eventually got through! I stretched my legs over the last few minutes, hitting 7:30m/m pace! Got 5 miles of speedwork Thursday, i am not looking forward to it!

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  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Welcome Beachball, having someone to run with does make a big difference - although his fitness level may be a bit different to your own!

    On that note Thomas - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend joining a club - it can add a whole new dimension to your training and running and Moonlight 80 miles a week was over 12 yerars ago now - and I can't beleive now that I was able to do it.  

    Have just entered a 5 mile race in Ocotber - and the entry form requested that you put your PB for the distance - not a seasons best and no excuses even if it was 80 years ago!! I did as I was told and now having checked the entry list there I am at the top of the PB list so far - but am looking now to run round 20 minutes or so slower - emabarrasing or what!!

    Had my rest day on Sunday but don't really feel that I have had any benefit from it, the resumption of good weather hasn't realy helped - that said managed a 4.5 mile fartlek this morning 1 warmup then 3.5 mile fartlek and found it went better than expected - and following on from your 6 miles Just Run am looking to run 6 miles tomorrow evening - am intending to run 3 out and 3 back - the first 3 is up hill (although not really a hill just a drag) am not looking forward to it, then 5 miles Friday. Both evening runs.  Am going up to Yorkshire for a week from the 13th August and my better half has insisted I don't do any running whilst away - I think mainly as she doesn't want my traniners in the car - so will try and pile the mileage in between now and then and hopefully come back refresshed  -

    Big weigh in last Sunday and have lost a further 4lbs so that makes 2 stone 4lbs since Xmas - pleased with that.

    Oh well work calls happy running!!!

  • Grendel, yeah I'm looking forward to it. I do quite like running on my own but I think it will be good.

     My first session with them is tomorrow night so I didn't run today as I'm not running two days in a row yet.

    I went hill walking today instead since it was such a nice day; there's no way I was going to sit in the house all day.

  • Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    Well I have been out Mon and today and have been doing run 1 min walk 90 secs x8..

    I know it doesn't sound alot but I really want this to work this time. I have to admit to feeling quite a buzz when I get home..

    Well done with the weight loss Grendel, that's great going.

    Good luck with the running club Thomas.

    Just Run- I cant wait for the day I can go out and do a six miler on a sunday (although probably wont at the time) image

    If any of you have any advice on stretching for me that would be great. For example when I stretch after a run should I do it the minute I get home or wait for ten minutes or so... Sorry if this question sounds daft..

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