I am totally confused.

I have a cross trainer which I just started using again as I have managed to get shinsplints running image

I did 60 minutes this morning, in 4 sessions with a 5 min rest between each one, but its telling me I did 21km which is know is the same a half marathon. I did it all on level 1, so no resistance or anything, but that seems WAY too far to me. I just wondered, is it possible at all that I did this distance or is it more likely that my trainer's computer is wrong. It calculated the time correctly but 21km seems too far for someone like me. I was going at approx 56/57 speed. Any advice or comments??


  • I would suspect like most pieces of equipment that the calibration is way out

    No idea on how they work so I cant comment but I would stick to time rather than distance which is more comparable or use HR
  • If you did it with no resistance - wouldnt you get the same benefit just going for a walk and waving your arms a bit ?
  • Leanne as Meldy says - the distance isnt really accurate on those things. Its more like skiing isnt it -  rather than running anyway.

    Personally I just clock time spent on it, rather than distance. Good luck with the shinsplints  !

  • I use an elliptical cross trainer and can do 13 or 14 miles in 1 hour 20 - no way could I do that running. There is no stress on the joints and it doesn't use as much energy as you would running because you are in a forward motion, not having to push off the ground all the time. I'm not sure exactly why it seems to mean you go futher in a shorter time.

    On the plus side...I use mine bacause I have achilles tendonitis and it has been a fantastic way of keeping my fitness up. I listen to music while i'm on there and push to go faster with the beats.

    My running pace has increased too since using the trainer which in the 4 years previous it hadn't.  

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I would increase the tension though, just go up by 1 every week or so. 

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