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  • May be, but I was looking for a hat and going on that site was a lot easier than searching for it myself, so I bought one.

  • The top of the range Garmin Forerunner 910XCT is pretty decently priced on Amazon at the mo:


  • Good spot regarding Simon Teare's "kind recommendation"...  I guess he's not the only one to do this, though usually I guess that they hide behind obscure usernames.  Such spam is not appreciated - as it undermines confidence in the advice on the forum.

    Unfortunately, even my own post now will give it further oxygen of publicity.

  • Picked up some of the gloves avit mentioned, in Lidl yesterday. They had socks as well and I also managed to get a pair of running tights for about 8 quid. Might be coming to an end though as the Lidl I got my stuff in didn't have that much of the running stuff left. Either that or they're as crap at making sure the shelves are stocked as they are at opening enough checkouts!

  • do tchibo running gloves really only have a pocket for the tiniest keys ever invented?

    can't imagine them being any use for carrying any front door key around.



  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    5 posts and 4 of them promoting the same website ....

    if I were a betting woman    image

    if you're a betting woman, can I recommend this site....

  • I think that's just the flap to get into the pocket which goes across the palm!

    However, surely it is easier to just stuff key inside the glove with your hand.

  • exiled claret wrote (see)

    I think that's just the flap to get into the pocket which goes across the palm!

    However, surely it is easier to just stuff key inside the glove with your hand.

    aha, i see it now. image

    but yes, it does seem like too much bother.

  • Hi folks has any heard of the following website: .

    They appear to be an american clothing webite with some excellent deals on running shoes eg: 2011 Brooks Launch are £30 . They normally sell at £60 on any UK webites I have checked. They are offering free shipping but it doesnt say where they actually ship to. Should I be be cautious or take a chance?

  • Aldi are doing a Thursday special on running gear on the 11th of October

    Winter running pants, long sleeve tops, compression tops and more all at £9.99. Also hats and gloves at £1.99 and socks for £2.99.

    It's a 50 mile drive for me (but then most places are when you live in the wilds of Scotland) but I'm going to be heading down to stock up. Comments on previous gear from Aldi seems favourable.

  • image With that name I suddenly what to start singing where's me jumper. image

    I've got there stuff before it's sometimes cr*p but when they make it right it's normally very good and worth the pretrol.

  • Just took a dive into minimal trail shoes with New Balance MT330 for ??32 at sports direct. First run in then today 2 miles off road and coped with everything but a very steep muddy slope.

    Not sure how long lasting they will be but seem to be worth the cash. They had lots of new balance shoes in all reasonable prices. No 890s though which was a shame as my usual shoe.
  • I bought the 410 off Amazon too. I love it! I don't know how I got on without it.

  • Co-Op, McVities Jaffa cakes, buy one get one free! Better than half price?

  • image Did you say jaffa cakes! To the shops!imageimage

  • Wandered over to Aldi, got a hat to replace the Lidl one I lost during a long run last winter, also a bright yellow long-sleeved running top, and a pair of running trousers which fit better than I'd feared. So now I have to admit I've got enough gear for the winter and I've no excuse to search online for more stuff...

  • knight rider wrote (see)

    Co-Op, McVities Jaffa cakes, buy one get one free! Better than half price?

    I would say that it was indeed half price, not better than half price image

  • I noticed the stuff on the poster at Aldi appeared to resemble the stuff I saw in Lidl: probably more so than the stuff actually in Aldi. But odd. Are they the same company, or at least use the same suppliers? Got myself another phone arm-holder - I can go through 3 or 4 of these a year.

  • Some of it is from the same suppliers, I think.

  • Did somebody say Jaffa Cakes ?image

  • Be careful with the running tights rest pocket I bust mine straight away so going back today.
  • Cheers re aldi heads up running sale.

  • Wiggle has got 30% off new season Salomon off road footwear untill 14.00 today.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I've just treated myself to a Garmin 310xt for £150 from Handtec. It's "newly overhauled", which apparently means as new but maybe the packaging has been replaced. Even with early next-day delivery it's £30 cheaper than Amazon.

  • I received yet another email from Wiggle saying they had a sale on today. Not sure if they ever don't have a sale, but worth a look if people haven't seen them already.

  • found a new website called (well, new to me anyway)

    you find the product you want online, copy and paste the link into the flubit site and within 2 days they will come back to you with a better offer if they can find one. 

    I put an amazon link for garmins 310xt and they came back with a price £30 cheaper than amazon.

    Havent purchased yet but worth mentioning to you all.

    Info here

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I tried flubit ... but left when it demanded a login etc. I get enough spam already. Oh well.

  • Hi Muttley - I know - so annoying, so I have a special spam email address I put in for such stuff so I dont get the crap in my main mailbox image

    Only thing is about it, I am not sure I like the idea that I have no idea where it is coming from, as in who the actual seller is. Though I suppose it doesn't really matter.

    Im gunna check out Handtec, sounds good. has your 310xt arrived yet? That is the model I am looking to get too.

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