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  • High 5 gels at Wiggle half price and bogof. Only issue is you need to spend 10p more to get free shipping 

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    15% Off with Promotion Code SF15F


    Valid until the 1st October 2014



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    15% Off with Promotion Code SF15F


    Valid until the 1st October 2014





    Ta for that, got myself a couple of pairs of shoes with that code.

    The old SportsShoes shop in the centre of Bradford they were forced out of by rent increases 2 years ago is still empty! Can see it from my office window

  • Aldi bike gear in next Thursday ( 25th ).

  • 25% off at Adidas website today with promo code. 


  • Blimey - you're not gonna miss me in my fluo kit.

    Nice timing Aldi - just as the weather turns - I've been fine in teeshirts up until this week, so it was either hunt out the winter kit - or buy new !
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    Aldi gear any good ?

  • Didn't have quite a few of the advertised bits in either of my local Aldis. Got a couple of base layer tops though, which is what I mainly needed. Got a few last winter and they're grand. Would've got a couple of long sleeve tops but they only start in medium and are too big for me.
  • 15West - its definitely worth a look.

    Running jacket ??20.

    Gilet ??13.

    etc etc etc...
  • There were some compression running tops in. Any thoughts on these? I've only ever run wearing a thin polyester top. Thanks for any replies.

  • Paid £32 for a set of 100% merino wool top n bottoms from aldi seems reasonable. 

  • I like the compression tops they do. I've run ultras in the top and it was good and pb'd some 10ks too. Clearly it's the kit.image
  • I've got a sleeveless compression top from last year great for crisp winter days, can run with just a t shirt but keeps your core warm image love finishing a run with my arms bright red from the cold image
  • aldi gear is decent, but they were a terrible organisation to work for.

  • they are selling running shoes this week what are peoples thoughts on these? 

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    I've got plenty of Aldi kit and it is good for the money. Sizing can be erratic, and the fabrics can be coarser than the top brand names (important, for example, in shorts liners). But for what I use it for, sweating into, it's great value.

    But I wouldn't consider the shoes for serious running. I'm happy to save money on clothing but shoes are the most important thing for injury-free running so I'll go to a proper running shop for those.

  • I'm a skinny guy and only 5 ft 6 and the Large size compression base layer long arm top fit me just right. Only two left on Friday afternoon in that size and a couple of X/L. Loads of women's compression tops left. Has anyone picked up or tried out the hooded running sweater?

    The running half zip sweatshirts felt a little harsh to me.



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    they are selling running shoes this week what are peoples thoughts on these? 


    I had a quick look at these today. I wasn't impressed by the basic shoe - very coarse fabrics and no sensation of cushioning.  The Premium were a bit better - more comfortable with apparent cushioning though better suited to runners with a flatter arch wanting something neutral-ish.

  • Sports Bras: £5 off your order at using code ADVENT5


  • Can anyone advise on Runners Need? Do they have a winter sale, or do they just have regular promotions?

    (I have a Groupon voucher needing spent by the end of January, and I want to get my  full money's worth).

  • Runners Need have 25% off all clothing at mo generally, can't see why you can't use your voucher too.

  • I know the cool kids like wearing Under Armour base layers and such, but I've noticed that Sportshoes have their trainers on sale? Anyone have any experience with them? 

  • Another one image 15% off nuun hydration tabs at using code ZEROADVENT

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    Sat scimitar- Runners world also do specials on advertising. Maybe contact them next time instead of spamming the forum. The site doesn't pay for itself.
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