Alexander the Great 10K

I am entering this race, its only my 2nd 10k run which im hoping that im going to be doing a few this year. Heard some good reviews from last years race, so hopefully will be as good this year.

 I wondered if anyone else is entering this race, if so be good to keep in touch and to discuss about what kind of training programme people are doing, any tips or hints or what to do bette, etc etc.

Hope people will join in




  • hi mikey,

    was considering this but £17 and apparently parking costs too i shan't bother. i also hear the medal is poor.

    ashame really.

  • Hi, Mikey

     Coming to the area on holiday from Somerset so entered the 10k with my husband.  No idea what to expect!  We have done a few 10ks before - hope the weather is good on the day!  Keep training!


  • It's exactly the same route as the St Georges Day 10k from 24 April. Have a look at reviews for that race and you'll get an understanding of what to expect. Yes, it is expensive, but once you're in the park, there are various activities to keep you and your family occupied, including a fantastic looking adventure play-ground.

    I did it, and enjoyed it. Flat course round lakes, quite pretty. When we ran it there was quite a bit of dust. There's a 5k and half run on the same route at the same time and as I understand, there wasn't enough water for all the half finishers. I always take my own so this didn't bother me, but it might be worth bearing in mind.

    With regard to training, if you're a beginner (been running for less than a year / have logged less than 300 miles), I would avoid speed-training (intervals etc) and stick to easy runs. There are a number of training plans on this site and on the web in general that should help you, but as I said, avoid any that require you to do any serious speedwork.  

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