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Hi all,
So much for resolutions to stay off the forums until after the half, but-

a) I miss you all. Very boring without it and

b) advice please: I am signed up for my first tri on Sunday, a so called "sprint", and I learn that the swim is in a cold outdoor pool. It's only a 400m swim, but I'm not very fast. Wetsuit or no wetsuit. I've got an armless, but long legged wetsuit. Never tried swimming in it - it's for sailing, and we try to avoid swimming.

Are my muscles likely to seize up if I don't wear it on Sunday, or am I likely to get away without it?

Thanks folks! Marj


  • Stickless,

    Firstly are wetsuits compulsory (if water temp is less than 14 degrees) or are they not allowed to be worn (water temp above 21 degrees). You may be suprised, a friend of mine did a tri not so long ago in an open water swim and the water temp was such that wetsuits were not allowed to be worn.

    It is not ideal to swim in a non-tri wetsuit. Though if it is armless you should have less problems due to fewer restrictions on shoulder movement. I suggest that you take the wetsuit to the tri and then see how you feel about it when you are there. See how many others opt to swim in one and if possible try and test the water conditions for yourself. If it is only 400m you shouldn't have too many problems swimming without one, if you do, then take an extra layer of clothing just in case for the bike section so you can get warmed up on that part of the leg and then storm the run.

    So unless it really is freezing I would probably try and go without - it would give you an extra incentive to get out of the pool.

    Good luck

  • I took the WITHOUT option at Newcastle Tri (river swim) and I suffered when I got onto the bike - my first lap was very slow until I warmed up then things were OK

    If it is a choice left to the individual – which is quite often the case on short events – take the wetsuit option it leads to a much more comfortable race - but I agree with Ironman that a non Tri specific suit is a bit cumbersome – but I have seen people swim in allsorts at novice events – if you have a opportunity try a swim in the suite you have and see what it feels like

  • Welcome back, Stickless. It wasn't the same without you, so don't dare go off and leave us again.

    My only advice is that if you think you might wear the wetsuit, is to practice getting out of it at speed. I've only ever worn a wetsuit once (for white water rafting, not a tri) and it took about half an hour to prise myself out of it. I'd hate tothink what it would do to my already slow time in a triathlon.

    Hope you enjoy the race, they really are good fun.
  • Many thanks folks! In fact the instructions arrived this morning, with the reassuring news that the pool is allegedly heated (not what the neighbours say!), and wetsuits are in fact forbidden.

    It was the only reassuring part of the instructions - the rest scared me ####less. The bit about registering between 6:10 and 7:30 am (and I've got a ten mile cycle ride just to get there) was quite alarming enough..

    Oh well, should be interesting.

    Ironman, I like the description "storm the run". I shall think of that on Sunday. It's not a verb that normally describes my progress!

    Thanks again all. I'll let you know under events if I survive.

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