Shoes for high-impact gym workouts

We all know the routine for buying running shoes - specialist shop, gait analysis and all that lovely stuff.

Does anyone happen to know what to look for in a non-running workout shoe? I've recently started doing a lot of high-impact classes, circuit training and DVDs, and my feet, knees and ankles are KILLING me from all the star jumps, burpees, skipping etc.

I don't even know what name or category to look for - gym shoes, cross trainers, fitness or workout shoes? Searches seem to bombard me with all these "easy tone up" type shoes that I'm just not interested in.

Mainly I think I need cushioning and sideways support (for all those star jups and lunges etc.)


  • Maybe you're not used to a lot of high impact workout and it's taking time for your body to adjust?
  • Agree with the above.  When I started doing circuit training etc.  I had problems with shin splints and my knees.  It all settled down eventually, it was just my body adjusting.
  • bare foot works for me.
  • Thanks all image

    But no thanks for depriving me of the excuse for noo shhoz image

    Hopefully it will settle down with practice, and as I shed some of the massive bulk I'm currently hammering the floor with.

  • Hey Berry Nice,

    I got my "jumping around" trainers from a running shop, I said what I wanted them for and they put me through a similar test as with the running shoes (i.e. getting me to perform similar movements in the shop ... highly entertaining for the other customers). Might be a good first port of call?

    Good luck image

  • I do circuits in my normal running shoes, the class I go to has a lot of running up and down the hall so wouldn't want to use anything else.

    Oh and it hurts like hell when I'm not used to it! A few years ago working as a waitress I tried to phone in sick because every thing hurt so much after circuit training. My boss was having none of it and made me polish cutlery all night, which was fine until I dropped them on the floor and couldn't bend to pick them up!
  • As well as running i play handball which is a court sport with lots of impact.

     I use there

    If you look for a shoe designed for indoor court sports such as handball, volleyball, squash etc. you should find something along the lines of what you are looking for.

    Adidas do a range of indoor court shoes called Stabil and there are a lot of european manufacturers like Hummel and Kempa which do similar shoes.

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