injury 2 days to race day

H E L P !

With just 2 days to go to race day (20+ miles) my left calf has turned to a solid lump. I've tried self massage which seemed to help  but  soon afterwards it's tight again. Any suggestions what I can do so near to race day?


  • I suggest that you don't race. Always think long term. Don't end up having a bad race that you probably will have to pull out of anyway and make the injury worse.
  • My head says thatimage. Can you guess what my heart says?

    I'm hoping that somehow it's gonna get better.

  • I was in the same position last December. Even drove to the race hoping to warm up and run off the injury. I got out the car limping and my training partner just said "you are joking aren't you?"
  • There's always other races - might not feel like it now but it's better to skip it and recover quicker and stronger than complete the race in a poor time (or even worse have to drop out half way through) because you're injured to start. You risk doing more serious damage that could put you out of racing for a long time.

    I was supposed to be doing the Grizzly this weekend but have had to reluctantly step down, so I really know how you're feeling. I have been really looking forward to it but realise that it's better to just join the support team for this year and be able to recover from my current injury quicker and continue racing throughout the year instead of potentially injuring myself for a lot longer.

    In either case I'd advise trying to get a sports massage to help release all the muscle tension. If you've not had one before they do absolute wonders. You might be able to get a last minute one today and the therapist will be able to give you better advice as to whether you are in a position to compete or not. My feeling is always if you have to ask you're probably not fit to run - but that's just me image 

    Best of luck and I hope you're back to form quickly!

  • I've done The Grizzly twice. Was the most amazing race everimage
  • Aw NLR don't tell me that! This was the first year I remembered to sign up before all the places went and I have a recovering foot injury (Grizzly terrain would be a very bad idea). Still going to watch but will be very envious of all the muddy finishers!
  • Was also the toughest ever. I nearly got sucked off in the bogs

  • I meant I nearly had my shoes sucked off
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