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Hi All,

My GP referred me for a biomechanical assessment as I had been suffering from pain and numbness in the balls of my feet on longer runs.  I came away with a list of issues: pes cavus; equinus forefoot; bilateral halex limitus and bony feet with thin fat pads. I was also advised that I do not over-pronate too badly and that I should change to lighter control shoes (currently in Brooks GTS 10's).

To treat the problems, I was prescribed custom 3/4 length orthotics and I have had them for about 10 days now and the feeling of having a large smooth pebble under each arch is diminishing every day.  I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill today without any bad pain.

The orthotics are narrower and harder than my heel so I am worried they could kill the cushioning in the back of the shoe.  If anyone else runs with custom orthotics, have you found that their shoes wear out more quickly than before?  If so have you found any way to mitigate this?

I have already bought some thin noene  insoles to go under the orthotics as I don't like the feel of the shoes without a sockliner and these might help to spread the load a bit.





  • I wear custom-made orthotics, but haven't noticed any problem.  Mine are full size, however, so they fill the footbed entirely.

    The neoprene insole is a good idea, some people remove the original insoles from their shoes, some keep them in.  I don't know whether that would that be possible for you?  If not, then carry on with the insoles as you are doing, but make sure that they are not too thick to offset the benefits of the orthotic.

    I do find that they lift my feet slightly higher in the shoe, so fit around the ankle area is sometimes an issue, but as I've only found one pair of shoes that both accomodates the orthotic and suits my gait, I stick to the same.  If it's a real problem, I'd go back to the person who made your orthotics and ask for advice.

    If you are getting new shoes, talk to your shop when you buy your shoes and see what they could suggest - thicker socks perhaps?

  • I got the top surface changed for a full length cover on the 3/4 orthotic. Works better than the 3/4 alone... Now all my orthotics have full length bar the ones for posh shoes...
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