Fradley 10K

Anyone know when/where the results will be available?


  • Alright Marmite. hope your well mate. Good to see your back racing. Google KP events. should be on there mate.

    Rich O

  • Hi Rich,
    How's it going, long time, no speak. Hope all is well with you. Had a look on the KP Events site, but can't see anything. Speak soon, cheers.

  • All good mate Did Stafford 20 this morning, 2 mins quicker than 2 years ago, 2 hours 2 mins, 10 secs image

    Pleased as I was just going to go out and run 20 miles on my own 1st thing but couldnt be ar$ed!

    Will email you pal with update.

    Rich O

  • 2:02 !?!?! Crikey mate, you're obviously in PB marathon shape if you can run that time on that course. Well done, excellent stuff.
  • Robbed! time not recorded! I could understand chip time but not gun time too. Typical when i break pb and 40 mins for 1st time!
  • Corky, same happened to me, PB of 44.18 and they've got me down for 1.01 NOT HAPPY! image
  • Dutts, mine is now sorted, emailed them and all done. 38:52, very happy with that.
  • Mine is the same. I did an Over 40 PB of approx 38:24 and they have me down as 1:02: something!!!!.my sister is in the same boat. On Kpevents her time is Ok but when you click on the name it takes you to which is the chip timing company and on there she is down as 1:03imageomething.

    Also I start my stopwatch when I cross the start and finish line and recorded 38:25 but the bloke who I finished just ahead of (I know him cos we got chatting at the end) he is recorded as 38:35 chip time on KPevents but 38:13 chip time on StuWeb!!!image I reckon he should have a time of 38:26 chip time -

    It looks like the timing is all messed up - even the winners time differs on the two web sites - by 13 seconds!! I have emailed StuWeb to get my time sorted out.

  • Looks as though something has gone very wrong! I've also e-mailed stuweb and await a reply.

    In the mean time I'm having to put up with the Mrs telling me that her time was better! Happy days. image

    On the plus side, spectators were great and a really friendly atmosphere, and thanks to the chap who opened the top gate, saved me about 1/2 hour getting out of that field!

  • Corky Tough Guy - who did u email?,,,Kpevents or StuWeb Timing? and which time do you believeimage

    It is a great race but suffers from its popularity. Also KPevents have expanded from 2/3 races per year to about 10 this year. Maybe they are too busy raking in the money and forgetting to get the basics right!....They have introduced chip timing which is great when it works well but cost extra and those costs are of course picked up by the runners. There are too few toilets and the parking is always a pain especially getting away quickly, the rain this year made things a lot worse....moan overimage

  • I emailed StuWeb. it appears KP events have taken the results from the first batch of results StuWeb put out, which were incorrect and later updated. According to KP Events website I did not finish! I referred them to my Garmin and the £8.00 photos on your race day!
  • Thanks Corky,

     I had my time updated late last night but StuWeb couldn't explain the 14 seconds difference between their time and my stopwatch. I start and stop my watch as I cross the mat so my time should be close to Run Time as shown on least the 14 seconds difference is in my favour...I've been given 38:10 as run time image.

    13 seconds is also the difference between the winners time on StuWeb and Kpevents website - coincidence ?....many others show a difference of 13-20 seconds. Anyway I will  my stopwatch as my 'official' time and the time for me to beat for the rest of the year image

  • All sorted now, albeit 15 Sec quicker than my watch said, apparently it was because I was hanging around the finish line (after I'd finished?!?)
  • There seems to be a difference of about 13-15 seconds between the time on StuWeb and peoples stopwatches - StuWeb having the faster times.
  • Just to let you know I originally emailed KP Events then Stuweb as I finished on my Garmin at 41:21 and Stuweb had me down as 41:05, so I'm taking my Garmin as correct.

    BTW did you know this year they did not have the UKA licence thing, so your time will not appear on Power of 10, as I submitted it to UKA and they advised me of this, a bummer to all of those including me that PB'd.image

  • Dirk, Power of 10 said the same to me about my pb at Wheaton Aston in December, but it's since appearedso maybe it will change

  • The results on Stu Web are wrong. The original set that were published on the evening following the race appeared to be correct. Roughly 13 secs were then subtracted from all of the times for reasons unknown to me. Think it's safe to say that the published results are null and void at this point.
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