Hell Rider

Any one fancy teaming up with OC to do this:

The Columbia HellRider™ is an 8-hour off-road team duathlon taking place in Buckinghamshire's West Wycombe Park on Saturday 4th June from 1000 - 1800hrs

You can enter as a team of 3 or a team of 5 and we will even allow hardened individual entries (respect!) The objective is to complete as many of the alternate c5km run loops and c8km mountain bike loops as possible within the 8-hour time limit.

Hell Rider Link

It's the day before the Chiltern 100, so could be a great double up for the week end.  Obviously not for me as I'm still in training and not quite mad enough for it.


  • Sounds interesting!!   WW Park as well ...  may have to keep an eye on that one

    Although I am on a late shift that day I believe  image
  • Looking at that one closely, sounds like it'd be a good day out
  • That all depends on your definition of 'a good day out'   image
  • I think we're all on the same page here on what constitutes a 'good day out'.  Whether the rest of the world would agree is another matter altogether image
  • Well yes, thats true   image
  • Just too close to Bala for me. I did the Hell Runner (in the middle) and it was a blast.
  • Where does it say about solo entry?
  • It says that you can if you are mad enough ..... they didnt mention your name tho  image
  • Ah, found it. You have to register before it give you the options image
  • Is it flat
  • I wouldn't do it if it wasn't!
  • ok

    I am gonna enter, solo if no one else fancies it.......

    last call for any prospective team mates......???

  • Solo is the only way to do it!!!

    Shame on you for even considering only doing part of the race imageimageimage

  • I'm almost in as a  solo runner/rider but there's a couple of things to clarify in my own mind before I do. Running is running and riding is riding but never having done a duathalon I'm not to sure how the other bits work, what would be the best compromise between padded cycling shorts and running shorts?

     How do you manage the transitions when you're on your own? Fuelling I imagine will be a matter of grabbing something on the run and topping up a camelbak when I can, how about shoes, zip lock laces the way to go? Any other tips?

  • Tri shorts Lirish .... 

    Transition will depend on the shoes you wear for the mtb?  over this length of time I would say that comfort outweighs time spend in transition but I am sure Smiffy will tell me to HTFU

    I am on lates this day I think but may have time to come and offer some <<ahem>> support  image
  •     Cheers Meldy, I thought that might be the case but i was hoping there might be another solution that didn't involve skin tight lycra.

      My bike is fitted with SPDs with the accompanying shoes being fairly clunky, now I'm never going to be competing for the front paces so I'd probably just go with different shoes rather than change the pedals to flat pedals and accept the loss of stability.

      By support do you mean abuse? In which case that'd be good, I can start running again next week after a lay off so I'll se ehow that goes before making a final decision

  • I expect I will use bike shorts and trainers, it is after all a bit of fun and an opportunity to do a long session in some different surroundings.

    My mountain bike only has ordinary pedals anyway so I am not going to muck about getting spuds for one event.

    Best change the slicks though image
  • So has anyone been to Wycombe Park, what's the terrain like?
  • Grassy and a lumpy ... dependant on route and perhaps a bit woody?
  • i have not entered this yet....  life went a bit sh1t over the weekend, so things are on hold.

    If things pan out OK i'll enter in a month or so as this looks really silly!  image

  • Well thanks to a hand/window interface at work yesterday I'm out, best of luck to whoevers still doing this
  • We did it, it was great, not really flat at all but the sun was out and for those of us who just wanted to poddle round the scenery was lovely. We only did 14 laps between our team of 3, the bloke who won did 16 on his own. I made a film of the day, you can view it at www.trekandrun.com - http://www.trekandrun.com/features%20-%20runs/hellrider/hellrider.html
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