• nope, I'm just a greedy git!
  • Im losing weight

    by training moe
    some fast, some slow

    And crisps are EVIL#

    (i love em)
  • Interesting thread. Agree +++. You can't do long high intensity runs without using gycogen and so you'll not perform well doing these sessions after a very long eg Sunday, run when you will have depleted glycogen stores.
    As concerns burning fat to lose weight; you will preferentially use all your glycogen stores and then fat. If you are not used to using fat as an energy source, you'll feel terrible, hence the "wall" at marathon races. But a calorie of fat is the same as a calorie of CHO, except for the slightly different amount of water "attached".
  • God you medics complicate things Mr Treadmill. Run fast, eat curries, drink Stella, set pbs. Life is so simple!
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