VLM - More supporters needed

We need more supporters for the VLM. 

We are well short of the minimum 20-25 supporters to make up the 10 suport teams. 

If you would like to come along and join us at mile 17 here is the thread link (please add your name to the supporters list).

VLM Runners & Supporters thread

Mile 17 FAQ



  • Was just wondering Barley if an IM style feed station could work if the numbers don't come through. Could have special needs, for those that do drop off gels etc split into a few groups as part of that?
  • BOING!

    C'mon sign up people.  I've done it for the last few years and it's great fun.  I'd be there this year but I'm on the other side of the fence and I'd rather like somebody there to return the hospitality image

  • I will go if I can but as usual can't committ to anything more than a week or so ahead - work is too unstable.  Unless this clashes with a local Duathlon I have agreed to marshall
  • I would again cos it is great fun but i've got to be elsewhere on the course on mara day, still be cheering you all on though.
  • boing.

    This is always a brilliant day out

  • I think I'd much rather be there than running it lol, had a brilliant day out supporting the last two years! Sadly with a deferred place I spose I ought to go for a jog instead. image
  • The RW support point is right outside mudchute DLR station, very easy to get to

  • count me in as a support bartley, can I be in Sweetest things group? 

     I'll do what I can, not sure i'll be able to stand all day with my back as it is but will deffo help as much as I can 

  • Another Boing for this thread..
  • I'm 90% sure I can support .  Will confirm later in the week.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    I'll see what I can do to get a few people out on the day. I'll be dragging my other half along any way.
  • I would if I wasn't running! I guess I will be giving something back next year though, for the support I have been in receipt of over the last two years.

    Please may I be in Soupy's group if she does support? image

  • I suggest those who are coming, or who want to request a particular group, say so on the main thread.

  • Boing! Please come and support us
  • I plan to come along on the day but can't commit to times etc.  Hopefully I'll get to cheer a few of you on.
  • I'm deffo supporting all day and going to the pub afterwards as well.  Well as I've got a request it would be rude not to. 

    Any more??  Come on - I've not done this propper before but having taken advantage of the mile 17 team its only right to give something back.  I popped in for a bit last year and it was great fun, especially all the champagne going round at 11am.  image 

  • Oh yes, it's a proper street party. Asda just down the road so you don't need to cart food and drink there, you can go and buy it
  • Did someone mention champagne???!!!

    Can you keep a swig back for me when I finally plod by? That would help ease the pain of miles 24-26.2....

  • Boing to keep this on the top page.

    This is an excellent chance to meet other forumites at Mile 17 as well as offer help and support (physical and mental) to all those taking part in VLM.

    I did it last year and it was a right ol' hoot. 

    If you think Will's and Kate's wedding is gonna be the highlight of April, you have not been to Mile 17 on Marathon Day

    So c'mon and join the party.

  • Are you going to be there again Schmunkee?  I think people should join in if just to see your jelly baby dispensing unit if you are! image
  • image Is that a  euphemism I'd rather not know about Soupy?
  • Not at all TP. image
  • I am currently looking at the cheapest and/or quickest ways to get in.  If I become Barlos' Right Hand Woman again I need to be there at 8am.  First train out of Swindon 7:30am.  So looking at ways of driving part way then tubing the rest.  Currently considering being at Ealing Broadway about 6:30ish which means leaving home around 5'ish.

  • Tickled Pink wrote (see)
    image Is that a  euphemism I'd rather not know about Soupy?

    It's nothing like Thai women do with ping-pong balls, if that's what you're thinking TP

    Dom from Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow was mightily impressed. And I do believe he grabbed more than a jelly baby

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    Is that a reference to Schmunkee's ping pong balls?  image
  • Boing!
  • I'm thinking about helping out.  I've been abused by the support stations in the past so feel that I should help out, but life is a bit busy at the mo.  Not sure whether I can commit, but want to help out...
  • Just come along when you can Caz. I suspect a few will be doing that. image

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