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In my quest to find a more scenic half marathon, Wokingham half came up as a suggestion. Anyone run this before? Also, where can I find out more info - I've been looking on Google, but to no avail.



  • Haven't run this before but it has been recommended to me, I don't know of a web page but I know the Bracknell Forest Runners site has some details. http://www.forestrunners.com
    I notice it was cancelled in 2002 for some reason. Whilst I'm here I'll also add my support to the Fleet Half Marathon, http://www.fleethalfmarathon.com which has a new course for 2003 but I assume the changes are minor and it remains rural.
  • Hi Hildegard,

    You must have enjoyed your experience at the Headington 5 to be moving up to a half, good luck.

    I did the Wokingham half in 2001. It is almost dead flat with the only noticeable "ups" being the bridges over the motorways & a slight 200m hill at the finnish. Rural, scenic, flat & fast probably decsribe it well.

    I don't know who runs it but, if it's on next year get your entry in early as it fills up quickly. I think it's the second Sun in Feb.

    Strange as it may sound for a flat race, it was cancelled last year due to a landslide!

    All the best

  • PM,
    Yes, the Headington 5 was great, and proved to me that I could run a lot faster than I had thought (8.36 per mile). I then did a four mile race and ran even faster (8.15 per mile). Then, I was suddenly able to go for 6 mile long runs and still feel great.

    But actually, now that my thesis showdown hell is starting, I really need something to keep me sane - something that's good for me and reverses the effects of writing all day long.

    Grumpy - sadly, Fleet is a little too far away from me.

    I emailed someone for more info about the Wokingham, so hopefully I'll get some definitely answers soon.

  • Think it was cancelled because of a landslip this year...
    Fleet is good,and if you can get to Basingstoke/Reading easily from where you are , Fleet isn't much further.
  • Sadly, Railtrack tells me that I need to change trains twice, and that it would take me two hours to get to Fleet from where I live (Oxford). So, trying that early on a Sunday morning in order to get to a race seems a bit impossible.
  • Hello all,

    Just to let you know, the Wokingham Half *will* be happening in 2003. It will be on 9 February. Contact wokingham.half@ntlworld.com for further info.
  • I did this last year. I cannot remember it being particularly scenic at all. All I remember is the first mile looped around through the start area again and some very long open roads...also feeling ill somewhere near the end and sleeping all the way home in the car. Oh...I think parking was a bit of a nightmare...but what race doesn't suffer with this.
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