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Only 50 weeks to go image



  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    haha thought I would find you here image Count Toucs and I in.
  • Staff outing?    image
  • May well be back in Aus then. If so, I'll volunteer for sherpa duties image

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    image Haven't received an annual leave request form yet image
  • image I'll bring it in tomorrow image
  • Is this like East Enders, where you'll ask some random passer by the mind the stall while you nip out to do an errand/Ironman/bank job*

    (*delete whichever doesn't apply)

    I may be in Taupo in a racing and/or drinking capacity image

  • I'll look after the shop. image

    *prepares swag bag* image

  • Race was 70 per cent full at 5pm NZT (4am UK) so if you are thinking of racing then enter as soon as you read this.

    And accommodation is filling up fast too. The motel I was at is full and the room D74 was in at the Hilton (the only hotel with vacancies when he decided to come to Taupo two days before this year's race) is also booked.

    Last year's race took 2 weeks to sell out and then about 180 people didn't start. There is no wait list.

    I'm on sherpa duty with at least 5 people known to me entered.

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    LOL Kanga we kinda did that to my mum last time we went to IMCH. Thanx for the offer Ditchy we may take you up in the offer (insert winky smiley).

  • Hmmm. Just put in all my details, but no confirmation email as yet. Apparently I did have a leave pass already image

    So, the chances of me being there in a racing capacity are higher than they were an hour ago ...

    Where you guys staying ?
  • Oh well, got a printed onscreen confirmation, that'll do. I in image
  • Ooh, just got a confirmation email and posted on Facebook. Bring it on !
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    Oh yey Kanga. Whoohoo imageimageimageimageimageimage
  • Guessing now we have easier access to the apparently vast pool of family baby sitters in Oz that Jen will come too. Have you guys booked flights, accom etc ? How long you staying for ? Any plans to pop over to Oz ?
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    We've got three weeks out there. Nearly all before the event. We'll leave Tues/Wed after it No trip to Oz sadly.

    Will book flights when we can scrap some cash together. I think Trogs might have an accommodation card up her sleeve. (hoping so anyhow). We'll probably camper van a bit.
  • Good news Kanga image

    Haven't looked at travel dates yet - or discussed them with the boss.  Don't think we can book flights more than 6 months in advance so no particular rush.  Will probably do three weeks too and aim to be in Taupo from Tue - Mon or something like that.

    Have a friend in NZ army who reckons he'll be able to book some chalets through the army at Acacia Bay (I think) which is about 5k to the west of Taupo central.  Will mail him to ask him to make enquiries now that we've all entered (woo hoo!)  Don't know what the cost is but would guess it'll be cheaper than other local accommodation.

  • Just to get you in the mood
  • Bloody Aussies! They're the reason why it filled up last time!

    Will be awesome to have a pirate presence this time around, missed it this year although D74 made up for it with his very loud horn. He's also entered so I will get my revenge!

    Apparently accommodation is filling up too but last year was the same. A motelier told a friend in February that there had been many cancellations and about 180 people didn't start IMNZ2011 - 1500 entered, just over 1300 started, 58 didn't finish and one got DQ'd for running his 5 year old son down the finish chute, even though this policy is widley known and competitors were reminded at race briefing/pasta party (was on the same night).

  • Hotel provisionally booked at $600 a night for  3 nights.  Thankfully I can cancel that when I get something more sensible sorted, but it's there as a backup. 

    Happy to provide assistance and will be bringing the bike workshop down with me, so don't stress about bike tools. 

     Flights - we really rate AirNZ foir the direct flight LHR>AKL via LAX.  Bike is loaded on once and stays on all the way so less chance of damage.  Excess baggage is dead cheap too compared to other airlines.  If you're based ooop north then get an avis one way hire car to get down to LHR - is a lot less stress than trying to get the AirNZ baggage applied to the internal flights. 

    And can I put in a request to have shared first option to purchase the CO2 catridges you buy before the race and don't use during the race - they are crazy expensive over here and you can't fly with them. 

    If you're looking for a campervan then I'd really recommend Gateway motorhomes and then debretts thermal resort in Taupo.

  • Oh, 90% sold as of 9am this morning.  So I assume will be pretty much gone by now.    Hmmm, move 12000 miles to be near an IM that doesn't sell out in seconds only for the Aussies to do everything to ruin it.  Thankfully took the opportunity whilst supporting to remind as many of the convicts that trotted past who had the ashes and who won the Webb Ellis last (thankfully few Springboks there to chip in).

  • Spoke with event director Jane today and she said the course capacity is 1500-1600. They expect a natural attrition of 20% so let the race oversubscribe.

    BUT the race will fill tonight, well, definitely by the time my story hits the streets at 9.30am NZT Thursday!

  • Herald or BOP Times?
  • Neither, Daily Post! Though I'm sure the Herald will be on to it, well they should be. I am because I have an interest in it and because the race in our patch.
  • IMNZ website says 50 places left as of 7pm NZT.
  • Wow!  3 year ago there were still places available in December but I think it was the first year they actually sold out.  Last year filled up in 3 weeks, this year looks like 2 days image

    Why'd it take over 26 years to get so popular?

  • Kiwis are a bit slow, innit ? image

  • It's cos the convicts want to do our race so badly image
  • Kanga - draop me an email if you want any help on logistics / campervan hire / flights / etc.  I also know someone who does a homestay in Rotorua - very good Anzac biscuits may be available, but watch out or she'll make you eat some wieerd fruit that tastes like deep heat.
  • Sold out!

    Unless you go with a travel package deal

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