Running buddy in village near Newbury


 Does anyone know of someone that helps with first time runners ie a motivator ? Or a running club ? Or someone that is very new to running (ie unfit !) that would like a friend to run with ?

 I am in a village north of Newbury.

 Thanks all !



  • Hi Dehorah, there are a few running clubs around newbury that I know of, Team Kennet which I think are more Track based! Compton Harriers and Tadley Runners which I believe are move Road and X country.

     Sorry I have never run with any of them so can't help too much.

    I know there is a group who run round Thatcham (where I live) but don't know any more details, I have just seen them out in the evening.

    I am thinking about joining Compton Harriers in the next few weeks if my knee holds out! I have been struggling with a knee injury for a long time but am on the comeback trail. Planning on running Bayer 10km 29th May (Newbury) so need some motavation!

  • Hi Deborah,

    I drive down the A34 on my way home from work everyday, so if you were free around 4.15-4.30ish and fancied meeting up one day.

  • Deborah, I am a member of tadley runners most of our runs tend to be about 5 miles in distance on road in winter and cross country during the summer.

    I suspect there may be closer clubs to you, if you look on the England Athletics site. They have also setup a run in england section which is aimed at the new runners and are based in local community groups, there is a few north of the M4 Newbury junctions.

  • Hi Deborah

    I am looking at returning to running after a good year out of excercise due to illness. I really need a running buddy to help with the motivation. I live in a village to the South of Newbury, when do you go running? 

  • Hi Clare,

    Thanks for your reply.  I haven't done any real serious running - I had a stint about a year or so ago but only really ran a mile maybe a bit more. I am very unfit really - could run about 500 metres then have to walk ! So how fit are you then ? Sounds like you have been a bit more serious than me !

    Kind regards,


  • no don't worry. I used to be fairly fit a few years back but started on the dreaded cigs and it all went down the toilet. I have just had a hernia op so I thought that now would be a good time to give up the smokes and get back fit. Afraid I will have to start from the begining again and take an oxygen tank with me lol. What village are you in? I'm in Burghclere.

  • Oh dear.  It is a never ending battle isn't it ? I gave up smoking about 10 years ago - my husband pushed me to do it. I am in Chaddleworth, half way between Newbury and Wantage.
  • Did you find anyone to run with Deborah?

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