Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Just heard of this new shoe - any information when these will be available in UK and the new features at hand?

Thanks image


  • If you Google for images you'll see it. Looks like a full length version of the Creation - i.e. the infinity wave extends through the forefoot as well as the heel.

    I've tried the new Creation and despite my weight (16st) I find the midsole really firm, to the point it hurts my knees. The Prophecy could therefore be very firm all the way through the midsole.

    I've heard it's due this summer. Don't know price, but would guess a fair bit more than the Creation, perhaps £120-130 ? Would price it around the Asics Kinsei, which I guess is what's it's competing with.

  • It's going to be £150 when it hits the UK!!!
  • Mizuno Wave 13 fits me perfectly and I use it and Brooks Ghost 3 (another excellent shoe to run).

    My fear is that Wave 14 will not be as ideal as 13 as a semi-racer, especially at the toe box end. Hence, my interest in Wave Prophecy.

    I am a neutral runner with a wide foot and need of cushioning.

    Should there be any viable alternatives (I know I'm going off-subject here), I'd appreciate if anybody could suggest these.
  • Anyone brought or road tested any of these yet? Am quite curious about them. Tried some on at the VLM expo but am currently injured so wasn't really looking for new shoes. Just wondered how they fair for running in all the time - I know everyone is different when it comes to trainers but would still be interested in points of view!
  • Our reviewer was / is really impressed with them

  • Thanks! Never been to your site before but that was a really helpful review. Only problem now is that I want a pair.....
  • They are made for heel strikers: http://www.runblogger.com/2011/05/mizuno-wave-prophecy-anti-minimalist.html

    Well not literally, but they might as well be.
  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy worn them now for 10 months... Best running trainer i have ever had... Would recommend to anyone and will definitely be buying the new 2012 edition...

  • I'm onto my second pair having done 3 marathons in them. Well worth the money. Best ever trainer and no, I don't work for Mizuno!
  • The Mizuno wave prophecy is brilliant. I bought my first pair at the end of May 2012 and have covered over 650 miles. I used to suffer from a bad knee and could not run any more than 4 miles at a time. Now I run over 8 miles everyday. They are very comfortable and frankly I am not bothered whether a pair of shoes is good looking. They are pricey though. I reckon I will get another 150 to 200 miles out of it. I have managed to buy (line up) a replacement for £75 on ebay. Brand new and yes a real bargain. I don't run marathons or competitively though with these shoes I reckon I can take on the world! My first trainers were Mizuno budget trainers. Their shoes in my opinion are the best.

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