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I wanted to start this thread off because I am relatively new to running. Trained for the FLM this year and found it very tough as generally I trained alone. After completing the marathon decided that I had got the running bug but needed to join a Club otherwise I would not keep the momentum going.

Have done so two weeks ago and all I can say is that it's brilliant

Club is friendly, welcoming, all levels, very accommodating and the best decision I have made yet.

I was very dubious beforehand but within a week, I feel at home and relaxed when I run because they all are supportive.

I am now finding my running times are really improving and that's after 2 weeks.

The runs are much more interesting as they tend to be x-country and there is the opportunity to run longer runs as well as speedwork and hillwork. All in all they offer you exactly what you need to improve. If that's not what drives you to run and you just merely want to run and enjoy, you have that option too. You don't have to be competitive and want to break PB's all the time. The idea is to enjoy.

I write this as I think there are many beginners and novices out there who are dubious.

My final words are take the plunge. Make enquiries as to your local club(s) and try out. I am sure the majority of clubs are very similar to the one I have joined.

Go For It! Amen


  • Thanks Run Ragged Run
    Think you've finally convinced me to take the plunge.
  • Russie

    Go for it. No harm in trying. Keep us posted on how you get on.
  • Will do, got some great info off someone on an earlier thread and will be following it through.
  • RRR
    you dont do 12 min miles

    Running clubs would put me in a beginner group with that, and i prob would not improve

    I cant do 8-9 min miles for any distance

    Where can we fit in?
  • Disagree Hips. My club have runners of that speed. And with this group, the Club will make sure that there is a male runner with them at all times. The faster runners will take turns in being the "guardian" on the run on a run-by-run basis. This means that the last one in the pack is NEVER alone. I believe this is standard practise at all Clubs (that's what I have been told anyway). No reason why a 12min miler won't improve the same as a 6min miler or 8min miler. The speed and hill sessions are there for the taking.

    Don't get me wrong, Hips, I know it's hard and I have done both speed and hill work and they are very difficult but only because I haven't done this type of trianing before not because the Club aren't considerate and accommodating.

    It's very easy to not give the sessions a go because you know they are hard and resort to running instead and as a slower runner (me included) you don't want to think you will be at the back... Only natural but by throwing yourself into it, you'll find that the majority of runners are very supportive and don't care if you are at the back or not. It's all in the mind of the beholder (so to speak). I decided to just go for it and am so pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

    The worst scenario is that you/one gives it a go and starts at a Club, gives it a couple of weeks and decides it's not for you. Nothing wrong with that. All I'm saying is do give it a go as you may be pleasantly surprised, like I was.

  • RRR - glad you're enjoying it. I can't wait until I can join my local club (can't until I get a new job because of working hours)

    I used to be quicker but slowed down with FLM training. Hoping that joining the club will get me nearer the 10min mile mark again.

    Hips if you find the right club they will help you along
  • Morning

    How did you all find the clubs that you are going to? I have tried looking on the net but have had no joy. If I finally can find a name of a club near me there are no contact details available.
  • Where are you skipp
  • Tired Legs

    Im in Fulham, but anywhere near that such as Hammersmith/Putney/Chelsea would be helpful.
  • Yeah Skip, are you sat next to me right now!!
    Wouldnt work be boring if we didnt spend all day on this!

    Hello everyone, id like to find a running club near me too!
    (Chelmsford, Essex)
  • Rachel

    I don't know how I'm going to get through the day. I used to manage it better after a long and drunken night at Purple!

    Definatly choclate time for me.

    PS Well done to the Scud ! ! !
  • have you searched on google for running clubs in xxxxxxxxxxx. i will check out a link i have. think it provides all uk clubs.
  • I did that, couldn't find any. Went through another link which asked you to pick your county, but do you think London or anything in the southwest of London came up, the closest thing I could find to me was Surrey.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Just found just click on the links
  • thanks Pam, Ill take a look.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    thats ok i'm looking to join a running club but transport is a problem as i don't drive, still don't know which one to join
  • I don't have a car at the moment either, but hopefully there will be one close enough so that I can cycle there.
  • I contacted the club before i turned up for the first evening. You may find that doing that and explaining you don't have transport, they will be able to find people in your area that can pick you up.

    Alternatively, you could run there and back! :)
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Good idea there i might see if theres local people to travel with don't fancy running there the only roads that take me out from where i live are lanes and they are sometimes treated like a grand prix circuit.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Have sent an email requesting info from nearest club to me from website i mentioned hope it still exists as website hasn't been updated for a few years
  • Rachel -

    Chelmsford AC at Melbourn Park Atletic Centre.

    Meet Tue & Thur 7 - 9pm


    Or if you go to 'URWFRC' and look for a thread called 'Herts & Essex URWFRC', there is some-one there that uses this club and may be of help.
  • Bloody hell pls ignore all typo error - had hard day, BTW it's not me that used that club, but do live near you.
  • TL

    Enail mitchs

    Have a wine!!!
  • I'm sulking ;-(

    Gonna have several wines ;-)
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    red or white
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    bet it tastes devine
  • rabbit
    Youreright about giving it a go

    The first club i phoned said hat 12 min miles was so slow i might as well walk, made me feel really good that!

    Ive moved now

    But some clubs arent v nice
    ask Birmingham snail
  • Yes, Hips. I'm sure there are cowboys around. I would make a point though of being bloody rude back and making sure they realise how wrong they are, even if it just makes me feel better in doing so :) These people can't get away with it.

    I have the option of 4 running clubs in my area and all of them welcomed me with opening arms and a friendly manner. For me it was hard to choose which one! I think I made the right choice though.

    Am sure (and hope) this would be the case in other areas of the UK too.
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