Garmin 305 downloads

HI all, have a new Garmin 305 but cannot get the 'Training Centre' disc to load on my computer.

 Have downloaded this from web on Garmin website, so that I can analyse data.

 Has anyone used this, as I don't want to download and use something that may cause damage to my Garmin.

Any advice on how to obtain the 'Training centre' via the web would be gratefully received.

 imageThanks, Rob


  • I'm a bit confused you're asking where you can get the training centre via the web, which you have appear to have found on the Garmin website?

    If you're not happy to use something you've downloaded fron the Gamin website to use with your Garmin where else are you expecting to get the Garmin TC from image

    Go for it I'd say, but no doubt others will come on saying xyz is a much better tool image


  • as strawberry jam says.

    i dont think youll find anywhere safer than the official garmin website! image

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