Fri 4-7-03

Another late night. Kids sports day tomorrow, I hope it's a bean bag on the head race for the dads and not a sprint.

What - bean-bag-on-the-head dash or rest day
Why - It's been a long time since my last rest day and my legs are complaining.
Last rest - Last Tuesday
Last hard - yesterday

Does anyone else race the traffic when they run. I did a 3 mile time trial this morning along the A404 in peak rush hour time. I do this run quite often and make note of a car where I start and see if I can beat it into town, where I peel off for a slow jog home. I just wondered if this was normal behavior or am I just a runner with an unusual habit of racing rush hour traffic?

Have a great Friday.



  • Morning everyone.

    What: am 4 miles easy running, gym session, spinning session, 30 minutes swimming drills, pm 15 miles tempo cycling.
    Why: Scheduled
    Last hard: Wednesday
    LAst rest: Tuesday
  • Morning All,

    Cr@p week for running, done nothing since Monday. However, played football for 2 hours on Wed and Golf today, should try some reps on the par 3's and tempo on the par 5's!! Try to run tonight

  • Morning all.

    No marathon pace run last night as no-one was up for it, so did a solid 9 mile club run instead.

    So... 5 miles easy a.m., p.m. the famous marathon pace 8 mile run postponed from Monday, Tuesday and Thursday!
  • PM, I race cyclist's, milk floats, L drivers & anything that moves.

    What: am - rest, pm 8M recovery run
    Why: I need to recover, as I've a busy weekend

    Last hard: Hills yesterday
    Last rest: 7 days
  • Morning All.

    What: 2.5 mile run
    Why: Want to
    Next Run: Sunday

    Have a good day everyone.
  • Morning,
    What:absolutely nothing (forgotten what it was like to rest, feel fresh as a diasy now)
    Why: tired and need to rest for tomorrow
    Today:nothing again apart from nine holes of golf after work.
    Tomorrow: first ever 30 miler!

    PM-try and stay away from the traffic when I'm running cus of the pollution. Always race traffic when I'm on my bike though.
  • Night Boat to Cairo - Madness, with a reference to Baggy Trousers in your post PM!

    Well feeling a bit knackered today as talk of Barnsley's MP run last night inspired me to do one of my own. Was planning on 10M with middle 8M @ MP but set out on a hilly 12M route and did 10M at MP. I was breathing like an emphysematic donkey by the end but felt like a great workout. I always know I've done the right thing when I get home and my wife opens the door to give me a semi-pitifull, semi-"what have you done this time you idiot" glance. So....

    What: Easy 6-7M this evening
    Why: Hard/Easy/Hard/Easy
    Last hard run: Last night
    LAst rest day: Last Friday

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    What - a rather pathetic 7*800m at not much better than 10k pace with a 2.5 miles round trip to the track and back. All I had time for and can never really get this sort of session to work early mornings. Will try and get out again late tonight when Alison gets back from her club.

    How long do you all rest for between 800m intervals and what sort of pace should I aim at (10k/5k/3k etc)?

    Pizza Man - thats Madness!
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    That's dead right MM, and there is nothing worse than getting home and feeling like you've done nothing is there. I always feel that a long run is not a long run unless half way round you wish you'd brought some change out to phone home for a lift back.
  • pizza man - I race the rowers on the thames bit of a bugger when its an 8 team squad.

    today - pacey 10k run

    have a good day everybody
  • Morning everyone!

    Good luck MG on your first 30 miles, hope the weather stays kind for you!

    popsider-I don't know about the others but I tend to do my 800m reps at 5k-10k pace with a 200m slow jog recovery about 2mins.

    I did 800's last night and found myself getting quite bored. I think I need to find someone to do that session with.

    What:am-4 miles easy recovery run. pm-6 miles steady
    Why:marathon training
    Last hard:yesterday
    Last rest:Wednesdy
  • GodzillaGodzilla ✭✭✭
    rest - yay
  • 30miles you must be mad MG

    What: Cycle & short run
    Why: I want to add more cycling to my shedule
    Last Rest: Wed (from running), last proper rest day: Monday
    Last Hard: Tuesday

    Had a fabulous run last night - 4miles is cross country.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭

    What:4 miles run with 2 killer hills involved
    Why: marathon training and needed too do hill work my thighs are aching,when I first started running could not run this hill so felt very good about this morning.

    Last hard Tuesday

    Last rest:Yesterday
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • hi Peeps,

    what: it should have been intervals but the track is busy so it will be something slow with fast bits in the middle.

    good luck everybody racing this weekend.

    Happy training/rest to those who are not.
  • Morning all.

    That's it - did my last long run in preparation for Loch Ness yesterday. 22-miler on pace for a 4hr15 mara. Sadly, the marathon's still 12 weeks and 2 days away. I really ought to get myself a schedule!

    Think I'll allow myself a one-day taper today.

    Have fun. Even Matt - tough one!
  • Pizza Man, I've never raced traffic like you before but I did race a double decker bus up a steep hill near where I live the other day. He only just won but it was really close. If there had been just one extra car in the other direction and I would have had him.

    Today - Swim
    Last Rest - Last Saturday
    Last Hard - 12 Minute Time trial at track last night. I did 2940m as it was very windy on the back straight and I was just running poorly.

    No more running for me until the "Hilly" Stonehaven Half on Sunday.

  • afternoon all (just)

    raced a bus thru Hoylake the other day (the last mile of my 10.3K on Tue I think). Ultimately there weren't enough pelicans on red or people waiting at stops for me to keep up.

    what: probably a steady 9.3K, mid evening

    why: Matthew has a junior cricket match this evening (start 17:30) at which I'll be required for something or other (umpiring probably). So no chance of getting out until later - by which time I'll be hungry & more tired. Oh well.....

    last hard day: Wed
    last rest day: Thu
    last long day: Sun
  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭
    What: rest day
    Why: I realised that I haven't had one for a week.

    MikeS, how come your distance are always so exact ie 9.3K. The nearest I get to being accurate is 5 ish miles.
  • FF

    cos in my last job I worked in local government, in an area which dealt with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and so had access to digital maps at scales such as 1:1250.

    It was easy enough to use the GIS technology with suitable digital maps of my various routes to get a pretty accurate estimate of my route lengths. Definitely more accurate than any map measuring tool commercially available.

    In the last few months (& this shows how sad I am), I've taken to wheeling my bike along my various routes and counting the number of times the front wheel goes round (having previously measured its circumference). There hasn't yet been a measurement which disagreed with the digital map measurement by more than about 5 metres in a mile. (Excuse the mixing of units).
  • You are a worry Mike S. My friends husband got sick of hearing her always on about the distaances sge must have run: "I wonder how far thatwas must have been 8 miles at least etc etc.." he brought home a present- one of those trundle wheels, I think sh e is too embarrassed to use it.

    What: Early morning swim of over a mile. And run at lunchtime round sculpture park.
    Got a triathlon on Sunday.
  • Mike S, don't worry about it, I'm a complete anorak too, I bought a Garmin eTrex specifically to measure running routes!! My wife just looks at me like I'm a lost cause when I tell her I'm off out to walk round one of my running routes so that I'll know exactly how far it is next time I run it ;-)
  • I'd love to get hold of a trundle wheel.
    Only trouble would be the likely response from Mrs S once she found out how much they cost....
  • Mike I shall ask her if she still has it/wants it next time I see her, if she doesn't it's yours.
  • I am sure one could be constructed from wood quite easily with the right tools.
  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭
    I've got one of those bike computer thingys. Anyone know how accurate measured milestones are likely to be coz on a measured mile near home it reads 1.02 miles which is close enough for me.
  • Hi all,

    I've not been around c/o a bloody back injury which means I'll miss the Mansfield 1/2M entered this w-e. Just woke up with it after a steady six miler last week. Gentle stuff down the gym for me for the next ten days.

    It's only been a few days and I'm missing the running already especially as it's cooled down.

    Never mind, time to be sensible.

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