Friday's Fatigued Fun-Loving Forumites

About time I got the first post of the day. Can't sleep and busy bunny today.

No running for me today. Day Off.

Yippeeee cause I am tired.


  • I'm just going out, second time in a week, but haven't been out for ages....
  • Go scamps !
  • Well that wasn't too bad. It's pretty chilly out there.
  • Morning all. Just done three miles. Found a new dog-walking route too, which is rather fun. Interesting bit from last nite's thread: Benz and SP taureans, both singers. Me taurean, also a singer. Plus, all three of us could do with losing some weight! We are typical of the sign. Wonder what other characteristics we share? Won't list them here as it will sound bigheaded, as taureans are rather nice people! Day off today, so see you all later.
  • Im resting today
    Running wise that is
    Sass, you dont believe all that horoscope stuff do you;)
  • Ooooo - quadruple F today!

    Lunch with Meerkat today, maybe some running too :)
  • I don't believe in horoscopes on a day to day basis, but I do believe in it as a science. There are certain birthsigns I can spot a mile away!
  • Have a nice day sassie!
    et tu fruits and meerkat
  • ...yeah but don't tell the bishop!
  • Ooooh - going all Latin on us Alan?

    Isn't it - "et tu Brutus" though?
  • only if you're being stabbed in the back!
  • and anyway shouldn't it be tui or something?
  • I dunno - just remembering my English Lit O level - I can't actually speak the language, apart from anatomical parts!
  • Well done on both counts!
    Ra! Ra! Ra!
  • still well done!
  • Morning

    Congrats EP

    SMSassie you two are a bit too much of early birds for me.

    I had a fabulous run last night. Ran round near my parents house. I thoroughly enjoyed being back in old territory and it was so quiet (just a distant clipclopping of a horse). It was very muddy though and has to have a shower with the hosepipe before I went inside.

    Off for a cycle round the village & back roads to night. Really looking forward to it
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    happy anniversary pix ansd congratulations on your results

    will be running this morning don't feel as stiff as i thought i would

    and what happened last night you guys were certainly busy
  • Ive just had a penicillin jab in my a*se to cure my incipient tonsillitis - ouch!! - hope it works
  • Morning peeps. My pc/connection has been playing up all week and not letting post anything (keep getting the dreaded blue screen!) lets hope this one works.
    #Pix I'll mail you sooon about RFL on wednesday - where/when to meet etc, and I hop eyou have a good weekend with Fi.
  • Well done EP!

    Hi everyone else :)

    Off to the dentist now.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    lucky you fruity i get my turn on the 24th
  • Morning all. Well done Pixie.
  • Nice excuse, Alan, but injectable penicillin is surely only used outside hospital in two conditions, one of which is meningococcal illness (which, presumably, you don't have).

    Three conditions if you count the teenager who came to surgery as an emergency and said that he'd fallen in the river while canoeing and his instructor had told him to go to the doctor and get treatment immediately in case a rat had widdled in the water. Discussion failed to convince him that there was no immediate need for action, so I gave him a bumful of procaine penicillin.
  • Morning V-rap. How's Brum today?
  • Well done on your results, Pix, and on your year of running.

    FR, hope your dentist doesn't do to you what mine did to me last week. >>>Pauses to spit out half a banana, a chunk of apple and some fragments of couscous from last night's dinner, excavated from where wisdom tooth used to be<<<

    What a long thread it turned out to be yesterday. Bet there was some serious bollox posted.

    I was half-awakened early by Angelmouse announcing that she'd been sick "all over my pillow and my Beanies". Then I went back to sleep and the poor little mite made herself up a nest on the floor rather than climb in beside me and risk making a mess of another bed. She seems fine but slightly snot-nosed this morning.
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