Pain in the neck

I've recntly been waking up every now and again with stiffness on the right side of my neck and shoulder - quite painful but normally dulls down after a few hours and some painkillers - It doesn't seemt o0 correspond to any particular training session, so am I sleeping funny or is this something other people have had from running.


  • I normally wake up with a pain in the neck on my right side too. It normally goes away when she goes to work though... ho ho ho...

    Only joking - I love her to bits really.

    Sorry Godzilla - I'm sure you didn't need a response like that.
  • laughter is a good tonic though - not ideally for neck strains, but hell the painkillers are kicking in...
  • Tim, are you making this up? More importantly, "frustarted" should be added to the euphemisms for being drunk thread.
  • Would a wasp in the car have the same effect? - I'm allergic to wasp stings and my new car seems to have a resident wasp that usually appears just as i'm going down slip roads onto motorways.
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