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  • Hello everybody,

    Nearly better now. I can almost feel the rush (ok, maybe a slight breeze) of the wind in my hair, the sights of roosters chasing me, the smells of manure on the running shoe and the sounds of my own ragged breathing in my ears. It surely can't be long now....

    Have a cracking day those lucky peeps who can plod...
  • hi Alf

    love that Cure reference

    broke a nail bowling despite micropore tape, so shan't post that as a nail injury tip on the injury thread

    hungover too, but Kid B not up early despite 5th birthday mania (lovely girl, and, she assures me, not even slightly manipulative)

    X training today again, if I can hold that hangover in check...

  • Morning all,

    No plodding for me today, am currently packing my bags to head out to Lyon for a week with my family, and family to be meeting up for the first time. It's gonna be hot!
  • hangover getting worse

    birthday cake (small one for today, not HP one for party) was fine until I tried to get it out of the tin ... lucky that a cardboard box would do as long as it had icing and 5 candles on it

    not sure I'm sober enough to drive to the gym yet - deary me
  • Good Morning...
    Glad to see you sounding so chipper Alf.
    Gonna have a little lunch time plod.
  • Morning all

    Well done Alf - I know the 'rest' has been hell for you, but looks like it's paying off!

    FLR - sorry to hear about the nail. Hangover, eh? And on a school night? Tsk, tsk!!!

    Shins now feeling better so will hopefully plod either tonight or tomorrow.

    Het :0)
  • Morning all

    Hope you are plodding soon Alf.

    FLR perhaps you should plod to the gym that could kill that hangover!

    Hetfinch have a good plod.
  • can't plod yet on foot, although it feels better after exercise yesterday - or maybe the pain in my head is distracting me from the pain in my foot

    was out bowling with parents from school - worse and worse

    will try to get me off to a X trainer

    Het, tried to send you an email to repay you for Lisa S story
  • Hello all!

    Finally managed to haul myself out of bed after two days of shivers and aches. Washed my hair as well so life's looking a lot better.

    Mini Flatfeet is playing in her school football team today (the only girl!). She's been described as a female Roy Keen. Not sure how to take that as a)Mr FF is mad keen Manchester City nut b)she's a lot prettier than the aforesaid stroppy Mr Keen. I presume her coach was making reference to her tenacious tackling and superb distribution of the ball. Anyway, I'll be going along to shout encouragement and pass round oranges despite still feeling very shakey from the horrid bug.

    Big dilemma though....meant to be going to see the Polyphonic Spree tonight. Can manage an hour watching daughter and footie but can I cope with a couple of hours at the Brixton Academy tonight? My instinct is that I should go for it but having taken three days off work will this put me back? Your answers on the back of postcards please....

    Birthday greetings to all mini-plodders! (Any other plodding parents want to join the anti-party-bag party? Who did think those small plastic bags full of small plastic junk were a good idea?)

    You can tell I've been in isolation for a couple of days because I'm rambling.

    Alf - thanks for the vibes must've worked 'cause I'm up now.
  • Got the email - thanks!

  • Woohoo! Go Alfie! :o*

    I went back to nature this morning and returned to plodding muddy trails instead of the roads I'd been doing during the week. Much harder work but good for my ankles and my soul.
  • morning all

    sympathy for the all the poorly people on here...

    had a quick 2 miler yesterday, said i was going to do 4 but cos i was doing a back and forwards route and got fed up half way
  • Tough dilemma Flatfeet. I think i'd do nothing this morning, try and have a snooze this afternoon and then give tonight a shot. It is the weekend so you'll have a chance to recover, and if you feel bad when you are there you can always leave early?

    Have a little break from running as off to my parents for the weekend for some home cooking! Leaving my shoes behind and will start again on Monday...honest!
  • Flatfeet
    probably you shouldn't go, but life would be very dull if we all spent our energy wisely. There is always the afternoon nap, paracetamol and leave early option. Good luck to Ms Keane - Kid B plays footie, but is a natural in goals, until she gets bored and sits down to make daisy chains.

    Party bags - used to hold out against them and gave each child a comic and a sweet as they left, but principles seem to have been lost along with right thumb nail, and am handing out plastic trash tomorrow. But not doing the games because the Nutty Professor is doing those. He'seven given me his mobile number (foolish youth) so I have Nutty Prof in my address book - which is quite cool (tho' come to think of it I know a fair few of these in true life).

    Oh, yes, exercise, did 40 mins X training and stretches and abs, and booked onto body cond. class for tomorrow. Call me Jane Fonda.
  • I did beginner step the other week. Absolutely hysterical. I am utterly uncoordinated and was having a wonderful time at the back until the instructor made the class turn around!
  • Isn't that the worst, Birdy? I remember doing an aerobics class at a gym a few years ago, and the back of the room was all glass and led into the actual gym.... with all the bikes and cardio equipment looking straight at you.

    We thought we were OK at the back, coz we had our backs to the glass... and then the teacher made us all turn round......

    I nearly died! I'm sure loads of the people on the CV equipment thought I was having a heart attack, I was so red in the face.

  • The warm up we did for the R4L was enough to remind me why I hate aerobics classes.

    Always wrong direction and can't co-ordinate arms & legs simultaneously!
  • It is the arms and legs bit that gets me - I am fine with the most of the actual step bit...apart from when they start calling out random things like 'Round the world Everyone!!' EH?

    It was a good calorie burner but not something I do all that often! Conditioning classes are much less stressful!
  • I think I was scarred for life as a child when my mother took me to 'ballet' classes. As a gangly, tall, flat footed child, this was very, very cruel of mother and means, even thirty years later, I still have problems with any exercise that invovles a room full of women!!!

    (the fact that I BEGGED my mum to let me go to ballet classes is irrelevant!)
  • Actually I really like aerobics, and know what round the world is and everything ... I see it as a nearly dancing opportunity. Wish I could plod tho' , just so much more time effective than driving to the gym in order to exercise.
    L shaped grapevine anyone?

    Now have blue food colouring on hands as well as broken nail - will have to take KidB out to birthday tea in gloves at this rate.

    No good, giving in to hangover and lying down.
  • FRL - am re-inventing you in my head as Gym-bunny.... complete with broken purple diamante nails, blue food colouring and all... ;-)

  • gym bunny - that's me. YES! YES!
    I'm secretly slender, blonde, and orange from all over suntan - how very right you are.
  • Okay, been trying to snooze but impossible what with Wimbldon and that rather nice Frenchman currently playing (I utterly forgive him for beating Henman).

    Sound advice from FLR and Birdypie which I intend to follow. You're right life's too short and I'm intrigued to see this band after watching their Glastonbury performance on TV (raving bonkers tricksters or talented off-centre musical ground-breakers? I suspect the former but won't know until I've seen them).

    Best party present I've given kids has been a metal harmonica from Ikea at about quid. My children still play it and wasn't something that broke immediately you stood on it. Only problem was that all 25 kids decided to have a toot at the same time....
  • FF - If Grosjean hadn't beat Henman, somebody else would have. Much as I would love to see a Brit win Wimbledon, the boys just not good enough.

    Giving harmonicas as Party Presents. I bet the other mums & dads loved you!! :)

    Im no good at aerobics - no co-ordination. If i do go i will remember to stand in the middle as a safe guard for any 'end swapping'.

  • look forward to hearing about the spree next week Flatfeet! I am sure it will be entertaining whatever!
  • Alf - of course you have no coordination -you're a boy.

    FF, take it easy. Did snooze a bit, and sad to see Grossjean behind.

    Henman - total carp I fear

  • Glad to see everyone is saying what previously had been unthinkable...Tim Henman is the best Tennis player in the land, but NOT in the world...if he can't win with support like that, then all hope is gone. And the face on it when he's losing?!
    No areobics experience, but Mrs ADB is a keen participant despite being Deaf. She gave up worrying about being 15 secs behind everyone cos she can't hear instructions and learned to love her weekly session. "Better for you than running" is her verdict - I beg to differ, of course!!!
  • Much respect to Mrs ADB.

    Would have told you that Henman was a fish at any time actually, and do do loathe that pariotic braying that goes on.

    Managed to get most of food colouring off hands with pumice stone, and may well go for a mass nail paint session with Kid B and her best friend - sure her mum won't mind her looking like trailer trash when she gets home from Wimbledon to collect her. On the other hand they may be too busy playing with Baby Born's carseat - best £7.99 I've spent in Woolies recently.
  • Fully agree FLR Henman a fish and crowd like a bunch of football hooligans!
  • Hope kid B has agreat birthday and party!
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