Friday Im in Plod



  • Here here! and good weekends all round! I am plod free till Monday but best wishes to all weekend plodders!
  • Ran a 5K race today in 29:59...finally broke 30 minutes...yea!!!! New goal will be 25 minute 5K....would that still be plodding? think so... :o)
  • 25min 5k not really plodding Marathong, IMHO

    2959 fantastic tho'

    happy w/e all

    the aerobics queen of Teddington
  • Happy plodding weekends, one and all.

    Mrs Uncoordinated of Coventry :0)
  • Not plodding today or tomorrow but I did walk to a home visit this afternoon. It was just up the road and too near the current set of roadworks (can't you tell it's summer in a tourist area??)to be convenient for taking the car. I also refused a lift back from the Macmillan nurse who happened to call at the same time. My halo is positively gleaming!

    Tomorrow is the Merched y Wawr trip - lots of eating involved in that, stop for coffee, stop for lunch, stop for afternoon tea, stop for supper on the way home. I shall have to plod on Sunday to work some of it off.
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