Pain outside of foot

did steady 8 miler last night. Normally do 50mpw, this is low mileage week after long run/race on sunday.

after about 4 miles slight discomfort in foot -carried on

now mildly hurts when i walk. worse if im not barefoot

running definitely a no go image

pain on the underside of foot at the end of the bone running from the little toe. (halfway/mid length of foot)

any ideas? going to rest for a few days and if its not cleared up see a podiatrist but help would be appreciated


  • Plantar Fascia?

  • /members/images/627551/Gallery/ww5rj48-1.jpg

    i dont think its plantar fas...

    the pain is where the arrow is (im quite the paint pro!)

    dull ache, quite painful when walking in shoes/trainers image

  • Ditto.

    Tendon problem? Is pain from below the ankle towards the heel & towards the midfoot? (small toe side) if so sounds like Peroneal tendon.

     I'm getting pain when walking in shoes, but barefoot it's not so bad. Hoping to get this confirmed by a specialist later...I'll let you know.

    Hopefully the podiatrist can confirm for you. Try ICE & rest for next few days.

  • Maybe if you pull the arrow out...........image

  • thats it lifes to short image

    intrigued to hear what your specialist says.

    when i first felt discomfort it felt like my trainer was rubbing on my ankle. walking barefoot is fine but shoes are painful :/

  • Hi TH. Totally agree with the pain wearing shoes - It's minimal or not there at all barefoot. I also found I could walk painfree wearing heels on a night out - wouldn't recommend this if you are a bloke though!

    Anyway, said I'd report back after last night - so here goes -

    Was peroneal tendon, most likely referred pain from the 'meatier' part of the peroneal muscle in calf area. This was tight & so pulling on the tendon on the foot. I'd felt pain there & had been treating that area, but am now going to work on the peroneal muscle further up too.

    Will be doing calf stretches 3-4 x daily for the next 4 days (classic Gastroc. & soleus muscle stretch, also flexion of foot using yoga band). Hoping to run a gentle 4m sunday pm. If your pain is anything like mine it's aggravated by running on rough surfaces, so I'll stick to a flat, firm surface.

    If you still have pain walking now I'd rest a few more days, keep up the Ice & stretching, then try a gentle run in a couple of days. Prob worth getting a definite diagnosis from professional if you can though?

    Good luck & Let us know how you get on

  • thanks

    i planned to rest over the weekend and do a few miles on sunday night to see how it feels.

    got a half on the 27th and marathon in april image
  • were you given a timescale of when you'd be fully fit?
  • As the pain was referred from the muscle, was advised to get the muscle sorted first. The foot pain has 95% gone now. I always think a sensible tactic is to walk briskly painfree first (or try run/walk) before attempting an easy run.

    It's taken 10 days for mine to go from quite marked pain to almost painfree... so as a guide anything from 2 weeks +

    Think each injury is slightly different & every individual v unique in terms of responding to rehab & stretching, so recovery times likely to vary?

    Good luck!

  • Seems to be injury season! I have been training for the Croydon Half Marathon and doing well. Did the Knole Park 10k last Sunday and felt my calves were particularly tight afterwards but just did my normal stretches. Tuesday did 12k run inc. 2 quite steep hills - great run, no niggles. Got up next day with pain on outside of my left foot. It's now Saturday, just had physio and she said she couldn't rule out a stress fracture of 5th metatarsal but it could also be the tendons.

    Having read this thread it sounds very much like the injury/strain has come from the tight calf muscle and I am so cross with myself that I didn't pay extra attention to my stretching. When the physio massaged my calf the pain was almost unbearable!

    I really need some reassurance that it will get better with RICE - the Croydon Half is 2 weeks tomorrow image

  • ive had some minor calf niggles but i landed quite hard off a kerb mid run

    got bored of no running so did a few strides this morning on some grass in my XC shoes. felt ok at the start but sore at the end image

    iced this afternoon. going to take it easy this week, probably just go on the eliptical trainer. definitely going to attempt my half next sunday

  • Which half are you doing? I really hope you are fit enough to do it, would be a shame to have to pull out. I drove to Croydon today to have a look at the course and it made me even more determined to do it - I just hope this foot pain goes in time. It's definitely the same thing as you have as the pain is exactly where you have pointed out on the diagram. So frustrating image
  • If its windy or rainy i'll be very tempted not to run the half.

    Its a fast local course and im definitely in pb shape (without injury)

    BUT if its not pb conditions my marathon takes full priority. Im only a week or two out from my taper so as long as i recover by the start line i should still be in good shape.
  • How are the injuries? TH - are you still planning to run on Sunday?

    I still have pain in my foot and not sure if its any better or if I have just got used to the level of pain. I am so fed up that after all the months of training I have put in that I will probably not be able to risk running the Croydon Half. I know that there are others that I can run but I wanted to be involved in this one as not only is it close to where I live but it's the inaugural one.

     Trying hard to be positive but with this gorgeous weather, I just want to be out there running image

  • i was feeling pretty good earlier in the week. still slight pain but managed 15-20mins on treadmill with minimal discomfort.

    however, last night on roads stopped run after 2 miles because it was hurting and didnt want to risk anything image

    (so ive done 2 miles on the road and 20mins on tradmill in the last 10 days! )

    im not 100% sure i'll be able to complete the half but im going to attempt it. im going to treat this as the main event and reevaluate the marathon depending on how i feel afterwards.

  • race went well  image

  • Did it! Fantastic. How was the pain?

    I have pulled out of the Croydon Half on Sunday as just couldn't risk it. 

  • didnt bother me at all. race was harder than id hoped but that was to be expected.

    foots a little achey now, but no major drama image

  • TH - that's fantastic. So are you full steam ahead for the Marathon?

    I am trying to be patient with my injury but the fine weather just makes me want to cry! 

  • Tricia: Sympathies. I feel for you - I'll be wishing I was running on Sunday as well. But since although my stress fracture is now pain-free I'm having other foot pain problems, I'm not even going to be completing a Parkrun this weekend, never mind a HM. Managed 2 x 10 mins this morning.... Got an initial physio appointment booked for next week, so maybe I'll know more after that.

  • i would say Planta Fasciitis, i had exatly the same symptoms and it got diagnosed as that, for now try and put insoles in all your shoes to ease the pain and pressure of your foot
  • im pretty sure it is planta fasciitis, caused mainly by hilly race image

    im going to take a month off from running after the marathon  to let it heal

  • TH - how is your foot now? Did you get a firm diagnosis? Only wondering as the pain you had seemed to be in a similar place to where mine was.

    My foot pain disappeared about 2 days after receiving thorough sports massage. Funny how a muscle problem in the leg was only generating pain in the arch / side of my foot! The marathon I was meant to be doing is this Sunday - feel mixed emotions - relief at having deferred my entry &  disappointment to be missing out.

    Hope your marathon goes well & have a lovely relaxing few weeks off after! image 

    Let us know how you get on.

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