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Hi all I need some advice on ultra running (apart from don't do it). I have always wanted to do the london to Brighton run ,but it has always clashed with the G.N.R. .This year it doesn't so i have entered.I have a p.b. marathon time of 3.14 and hope to complete the 55 miles in 8 1/2 hrs (time limit 9.50) PLEASE HELP.


  • can't help but good luck
  • Thanks Tulips i think i'm going to need it.
  • As i've suggested before Seaweed - get in the limo with the rest of the NY gang!
  • Can't help either Seaweed other than to give you my very best wishes and if indeed you are doing it for charidee then I will sponsor you.

  • Can only offer support, not advice seaweed but good luck.

    If you hear "Start spreading the news" coming from a long white car you'll know the New Yorkers are with you all the way!

    Have you ordered the bubbly yet gogi?
  • I am training now to do it in 2004 and have offered to be a Marshal at 2003 event.

    One tip I picked up was regards food, fill an ice cream cone with rice pudding. Rice is obvious but the cone allows you to eat is easier on the move!

    Also Steve from TRAC who has completed the course 9 times and started 11 advises that all runners get into a problem at some point, accept this before you start and have a set of plans to deal with it. Blisters, tiredness, mental staminer etc. etc.

    I have also been warned that the hills are at halfway at mile 43! (ok so the total is 55 miles but!)

    Search for the thread under either events or general for tons of tips on the 2002 race.

    Good luck and if you email me your number I will cheer you on.


    I had that problem last year when I first suggested it, something to do with the amount of training required
    ot seeing me etc.

    Fortunatly we sold our business and I again broached the subject, this time though being told (apart from the fact that I am complety mad for even thinking about it), that she would no longer object provided I never even mentioned Marathon des Sables as to do would mean an immediate divorce!

    Good luck all those doing it in 2003.

    I am planning an ultra for 2004 and expect to get a lot of L2B runners taking part and using it as a training run. Check out the site www.eastkentultra.org It will be updated in August with more photo etc and some more information.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Good luck keep us posted
  • Thanks very much everybody.The Newyork gang are thinking of organising my support group. If this happens maybe they could e-mail the forum as i go along or drop out as the case maybe.
  • Seaweed - the NYC gang are gonna be alongside you getting sloshed in the back of a limo if I have my way - no time to report in to forum on your progress!!
  • gogi i hope you save me some cider to drink on the beach.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    when is the event?
  • Hi Jose' 5th of oct is d. day
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