bruised coccyx tailbone

I am meant to be running the Connemara ultra marathon in just over 3 weeks, problem I fell down  my  stairs on Monday and bruised my coccyx tailbone and yes I should have been watching were i was going  but boy it was an owchimage I have done all my training and would like advice on whether if I rested now until race day would I loose all my training  I can't run at the min but its was only Monday when I fell but I am going to try a swim tonight. 



  • Kittenkat

    Thanks so much for that, thats would be fantastic if I only have 8 to 10 days off.image

    I know what a pain in the butt feels like now , it will be good when I can sit comfortably 

  • I fell over at high speed from a height last yr - was running through a doorway and had to jump over the base of the doorway but forgot to duck so whacked my head so hard on the cross bar that it propelled my backwards and I landed on my arse on cobbold stones!  And it really hurt.  I did a 10k about a wk later, and ouchy ouchy, then decided to rest.  After about 3 wks I went to the dr convinced something was broken but basically the joints were all inflamed, so lots of ice, anti inflams (I take diclofenac 50mg 3 x daily) plus ibuprofen gel.  So if you rest now, and do all of the above (apart from run a 10k!) It should get better more quickly than mine did.  However, I am now training for the london marathon next month and am suffering in the that dept again - having never ever had lower back probs before, I think now I may be more susceptible and have aggravated it which is really annoying - but there you go!

    Waffle over.

  • Kittenkat and carovet thanks info much appreciated.image Just been for a swim and only managed 10 lengths ,but just glad it did'nt hurt to much. 

    carovet good luck in London.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I  bashed mine last  year coming down a water slide on holiday and it took 6 weeks before it stopped hurting and I could sit down without wincing!

  • Cinders  thanks for that when you could you start running again, I am really hoping to do my ultra in three weeks time and I am going swimming but at the min 

  • Kittenkat I agree.  Going back to physio tomoz ,keeping my fingers crossed that I will be ok to do my ultra on the 10th April
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Good luck at the physio tomorrow.

    For me it was more the getting up and sitting down that was excruciating, once up and moving it didn't hurt as much.

    Fingers crossed

  • I slipped onto my backside getting into a river to start a Triathlon in August last year (I got a good cheer for doing so!), despite completing the event my tail bone injury still does not allow me to do any sit ups!  At least it doesn't hurt when I sneeze now, the upshot is that these type of injuries can take a very long time to heal and very little can be done to heal it any quicker.  Despite the doom and gloom outlook it hasn't stopped me from doing anything except pivoting on that exact portion of my body.

  • Voirrey Walsh

    How long did it take before you started to run again.

     I am much more positive today when I woke up I did not have to go on my side to get out of bed.  My 40 mile race is on the 10th of April and I go back to the physio this afternoon.  I am going to rest until the as I have done all the hard training before I fell.

    Thanks so much to everyone for their help and adivce  finger legs and everything crossed.

  • Voirrey

    Sorry forgot to say a very big thanks for that  

  • A friend of mine bruised hers jumping into a river. She was seeing a physio for another problem and mentioned her sore coccyx, and he suggested a rather novel and intimate way to massage it. I got a Paddington Bear Hard stare when I asked her if she had agreed to his treatment proposal, so never found out if he was joking or if not, if it worked.
  • He was not joking about the massage image

    To be honest it didn't stop me from running at all, but I think I was just lucky.

  • oooh errr ouch that sounds a bitimageimage

    I have jsut been for a swim again today which is not so bad fingers crossed

  • yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee I could sit at work today for around an hour without wanting to stand up things are  looking upimage 
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Nice one amster image
  • Cinders thank you image
  • Yipeeeeee I did it really pleased had a great time only a little niggle along the way
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Well done amster image

  • Thanks Cindersimage
  • This has been really helpful. On Friday I injured my coccyx and today is Monday. I was considering a run today but sitting is sore and lying in bed I don't seem to get comfortable. Weirdly it feels ok when I am jogging on the spot around the house!

    But I think I need to really rest for longer. It is driving me crazy but I will refrain from putting on my running shoes. Maybe at the w/e then.
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