Friday 18th March 2011

Though we're far apart

Heard this playing this morning. We had a memoriable service for those lost in the Christchurch earthquake. Prince William was there and had some lovely words for all those who had lost loved ones.

Madame O - nice colour!

AF - I thought you were already marriedimage

What:  3 miles easy with Mae.


  • Morning peeps

    NZC:Kinda puts all our moans and froans into perspective, the Christchurch Earthquake

    What:4M Steady

    Why: Just a steady run

    Cold and frosty one here with the dawn breaking.

    Yesterdays lyrics; Emmas Imagination and 'This day'

    Have a good day peeps.

  • Morning.

    Don't know yesterday's lyrics even now you've posted them birkmyre!

    NZC - must have been a sombre evening.

    AF - continued wishes for the right result.

    Blimey M - wish I could drop 3kg!

    What:            endurance swim.
    Why:              easy Friday.
    Last hard:    5/3.
    Last rest:     11/3.

    Lyrics - familiar but not enough to be definite.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • What: rest morning
    run lunchtime slow and easy
    Why: racing tomorrow so here is the easy day.
    Last hard: last night doing hills
    Last rest: Feb sometime
    Lyrics: Nope
  • Morning

    Love the hair Madame O.

    What: Rest

    Why: Racing Sunday

    Last Hard: All of yesterday. It didn't get any better, but all's good today

    Last Rest: Today

    Lyrics: No

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭


    NZC: very touching, I can imagine. I can't help thinking about Christchurch when I see footage from Japan.

    Madame O: enjoy the glam do! I love your hair colour.

    Tom: good to see your recovery is still going well. Fingers crossed.

    LMUH: same here - never heard of that song. It can't be 80s then!

    What: 6 miles easy
    Why: racing on Sunday
    Last hard: Weds
    Last rest: Tues
    Lyrics: I think so but I'm not sure

    Enjoy your crunchies!

  • Tom/ AF - No fighting over Madame.

    LMH - meal tonight, cake and a few pressies (oh and baloons) - the usual stuff. Kids already fighting over baloons.

    Rest day today.

    Chick good luck Sunday

    Gobi - good lick tomorrow
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    a sporadic visit from me, just been caught up with various things so not really had a chance to read back properly!
    However belated birthday wishes to wabo!
    Tom / Af - sabres or pistols?
    Had my highest mileage week last week (35ish) after all the injury niggles and stuff, so hopefully moving back in the right direction.
    Good luck to those racing this w/e (esp at Reading!) I have the Fleet halfM on Sunday which should be a good guage of how the rehabilitation is going. I'm usually a 1.28-1.34 on that course, but will be happy inside 1:45 tbh.

    Will try to read back, but hope you're all keeping well, and NZCs comments and the scenario in Japan put my moans into a true perspective.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning y'all.

    Sounds like an emotional service NZC.

    chicka - the 'pain' is new to me too, but it's a quickly acquired taste image

    LMUH - cheers, but for once my aim is not so much time related as to simply cross the line with nothing left. For me this is the final piece needed to put the whole knee saga to bed. A good time would be nice though image

    What's the race tomorrow Gobi? Good luck for it.

    And good luck to all weekend racers. Me? I'm positively bouncing in anticipation for the reasons as per my post to LMUH above image

    What: 6m pm, possibly with a few strides.
    Why: Sunday's coming image
    Last effort: Wednesday.
    Last rest: 27/2.
    Lyrics: actually, I think so.

    Have a great day y'all!!!

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning

    What; 5 miles run at a brisk pace - came out at 7:52m per mile, which is slightly better than I was anticipating.

    Why: Bit of a tryout to see what progress is being made.

    Last hard: Wednesday's off road

    Last rest: Tuesday.

    With two more days of 8s run very easily I will have run a weekly mileage of 45 (5x8+1x5+1 rest). Over the next month I'm planning on turning this into a week of 12-7-9-5-9-R-7, which is the maximum mileage I'm intending to run from now on.

    Well that's the plan anyway............
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a good plan, Tom. Nice pace too!

    Good luck, Dustin!

    Zattu: I take your word for it!
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all.

    Not feeling too good today after a work night out last night and no dinner...would rather curl up and ignore the world, but instead I have a squash match at lunchtime.  This is either going to cure me, or finish me off!  Cycled into work 1st thing, felt so awful I cycled home again, and have now cycled back to work!

    Felt better after the cycling, but sitting at my desk is not good...

    Anyway...MadameO love the hair

    Wabo happy belated birthday

    Good luck to all the racers this weekend.

  • emzap, you sound like me yesterday, it's definitely desks that are the problem. Enjoy your squash match.

    Good luck to everyone racing at the weekend

  • Afternoon all,

    NZC:  I'm a mormon  image

    • What:  35 min jog
    • Why:  I've become a jogger
    • Last Hard:  ?
    • Last Rest: Wenesday

    Have a good one!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    JEB1974: Yes I felt fine playing and now I've set down again I'm not feeling well again...I blame the desk!

    I lost, but he could hit the ball damn hard...

  • Hi All

    Had a good day at the petting farm though I have never been to one with Armadillos & Ant eaters before, kids happy.

    What: 4 hours on the bike a longtime ago at dawn
    Why: Fink
    Last Hard: That was
    Last Rest: Sunday

    Have fun

  • Afternoon.

    Marathon Mag Just arrived.
  • Evening!

    What: 60min recovery
    Why: Sore muscles
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: -

    Saw that I got some questions in yesterdays thread. I'll try to answer them tomorrow (to much irl to take care of atm).

  • evening

    great hair MO

    What: 3 miles this morning with oh such a sore head
    Why: leaving do at work last night
    Last hard: coping with this hangover
    Last rest: 8 Jan


  • Evening

    What 8 commute
    Why couldn't be bothered to walk
    Lyrics No


  • Lyrics - "You are not alone" Michael Jackson
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Rest day here before a weekend of madness........ doing the lightning run with a friend... so will be slightly knackered come Sunday night....
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