Ask the Experts: Marathon Injury Prevention Q+A with Sarah Connors



  • Hi Sarah I,m in the Brighton marathon, training was going well untill 10 days ago when my back went whilst doing a short run ,been to see physio he said it,s facet joint strain hav,nt run since then he reckons i can do a short run tomorrow, I was looking at doing a sub 3.15 time what do you think my chances are of copleting it and should i forget about the time ? Thanks for any advise
  • Hi

    I am training for the London Marathon and think I might have plantar fascists. The underneath of my heel is sore. If I stretch my calves and ankles and ice the sore area, can I keep running? I really would rather not stop the training if possible!


  • Hi Louise

    I think this forum hasn't been active for a while - I would have a look & post it else where - you are more likely to get a response. 

    cheers, Liam

  • Hi Liam

    Thanks. Will do.

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