Is it worth carbo-loading for a half marathon?

(I expect to finish within 5 minutes of 1:40)

All new to me so sorry for asking if it's a dumb question!


  • I wouldn't have thought it was very necessary for a half. If you're at all worried about it, then simply have pasta for tea the night before!

    Mind you, we have a pasta party in this house for the kid's one mile fun run and they carbo load with jelly babies! It's a family tradition that has stuck. Sooner or later they'll realise.....image

  • I agree with previous posts, it shouldn't really be necessary. The average body will hold around 2000 calories without carb-loading and doubt you'll use more than 1500 calories to get round a Half image

    Carb-loading done properly over 3-5 days will only give you another 800 calories or so on board. You shouldn't need gels for a Half either - before you go down that route! Although some peeps do benefit mentally from them - the same way as a pair of lucky socks can help others image

    Enjoy your Race, Simon and it wasn't a dumb question.
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