(if) I'm gonna die

A question about death.

Your death.

OK - so, I've been ill and the chances were that I was going to die. When I knew this I really didn't care.

I'm just wondering who else has been near death and how they felt about it.

I talked to a lot of close friends and made sure they knew and also that they would look after my partner and help him find some one new.

When my mother died she knew that she was dying. I wonder if she helped engineer my fathers new relationship with the ex wife of her best friend. ( or it could so easily have been the ex wife of his best friend).

Sorry to be so morribund and morose on a Saturday night but things have got me thinking.
What would you do if you thought your chances of waking tomorrw were nil?


  • I realise i have beeen born to die, the best i can hope for is that the executioner has been detained elsewhere or has a limp which has slowed him down and when he does finally arrive he is'nt sadistic or incompetent. 
  • Blimey BM! Are you ok?

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  • Having literally starred down the barrel of a gun and walked away, i made sure that i lived for the moment and stopped worrying about tomorrow......this was how i lived for the last 9 years however, with the birth of my first child just over a week ago I now find that i'm realising that I do need to think about tomorrow again.

    PS BM it's friday night not saturdayimage

  • Agreed FF, having kids puts a whole new perspective on life!
  • I'm absolutely fine, i'm merely trying to illustrated a light hearted slant on a subject some would find macabre.

    After all we are all going to be a long time dead so we might as well enjoy ourselves.  image

    And before you ask i have'nt been drinking !!         I've got me a 20 mile race on sunday.

  • After a motorbike accident I had a couple of hours "on the edge", ambulance was stopped to "work" on me, they held me going to the OR to allow my Dad to "see" me before I went down.

    I just felt peaceful.

    I was only 17 though.

    Now I think I'd be very scared of leaving my Wife and kids alone and not being with them.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    d2D - I can understand what you are saying to some extent. I always lacked confidence or self esteem, but when I didn't think I had a future that became a thing of the past. I think I learnt a lot from that experience - crap jargon, grew as a person, stopped feeling so damn sorry for myself etc.

    FF - I don't have children - not something I can do, I don't know how they may have changed my perception of the world. Sorry to be wishing life away - ok Friday night.

    Old Timer - think you talk a lot of sense. I hope it's Death from Terry Pratchett cos he is one cool guy. image

    Last time I got hit by a truck and thought I was going to die I was scared, not of death, but of being splayed down the road and ground out. (gruesome).

    Madlot - I'm fine - I think you've seen the photo of scar and tattoo.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Running Kev - I've had a really bad bike accident as well. I was also with a kid when he died outside my house. (then there was a murder investigation as someone had thrown a half brick at him which had caused him to crash) I also had to deal with his girlfriend who was just screaming.

    I don't know about peaceful - it' just like I don't care. I have no empathy.

  • I have seen death in quite the most horrible ways (hand grenade in a croweded place) and people being shot in a bus. since then I have a stronger hold on life than I had then. That may seem wrong but it made me see how fragile life can be. Here one minute gone the next,  now I have children its even more perternant, but I don't fear death. I guess I have seen how (lucky is not really the word) fortunate I am to live in a reasonabley stable country. To have good freinds and a great hobby means a lot but life its self is no big deal. We live in fotunate times.

    But to answer the original question the two times I have been close to death myself were both feelings of being terrified as I was only 10 and the second I was cool with it as I had seen what I had seen and the drugs really heped( I was in the middle east some years ago) image

  • biker-mouse wrote (see)
    I don't know about peaceful - it' just like I don't care. I have no empathy.
    It was kinda like that with me - just chilled - no strong emotion - hence peaceful...
  • Hi - yes I have been there. About 6 months ago , I had a mountain bike accident and broke my neck, back and arm. I also gave myself a brain injury that is proving slow to recover from. I have had to stop work and am usually and unjustifiably (I know that i am lucky to still "be here") fed up. It also appears that I have a brain tumour. All a bit "miserable"! Anyway, I try to keep occupied/smiling (not always succesful !)

    I didn't feel particularly peaceful as I was asleep for a few weeks and in ICU. That said my lack of "feeling" rather surprised me.

    If you or anyone else on this thread fancies a chat or even a drink (or both), just let me know.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Phil - I hope that you make a good recovery. Bad accident. It is hard to keep a positive outlook when you are feeling at the bottom of the ladder.
  • Keep at it Phil!
  • thank you all... x
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