name printed on vest

any suggestions for sending vest off to get name printed appreciated - save queueing at Expo image


  • You can send it to the same people that do it at the Expo, then just collect it when you're there. I did it 4 yrs ago and it worked fine - will be wearing same vest this yr.
  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    I've used these guys twice

    they can do just your name or + charity logo, pics etc

  • thanks both - is there a link for the Expo peeps to compare?


  • PS looks like Versatile only print on vests you buy from them but I have my charity one I want printed on.
  • Get a piece of A4 paper, print out your name in black bold letters, cut out the name and use it as a stencil with a black marker pen, (make sure you put some cardboard between the two back and front layers or it will go through to the back). I did this is 2007 and it has been washed and washed and still looks good.
  • Grum is the winner image
  • Dont they still do it at Decathlon?
  • I used the VLM Expo guys post service - it was very quick and easy to order online. Although I did this back at the start of feb - they might be a bit busier and slower now... I think it took less than four days from them confirming receipt of my top for them to print it and send it back.
  • Was thinking of getting mine printed with Football League Letters at Coventry City Shop - might even try and blag them for charity image
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