Saturday, 19 March 2011

I run but it stays right by my side

Morning all! Hey, I beat birky today image

What: 6 miles plus strides
Why: half tomorrow
Last hard: Weds
Last rest: Tues

Have a great weekend and hope the hangovers are better today.


  • Blimey Chickadeee - it's the weekend! Mind you - you've probably had a lie in image

    Good luck to any racers today. I know that Zattu and Chickadeee are tomorrow - anyone else?

    What:             three hours on the bike/thirty minute easy run.
    Why:              sometimes I wonder.
    Last hard:       5/3.
    Last rest:      11/3.

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning

    Beautiful morning out there, just got back from 30 mins in the sun, could have just kept going but unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes.

    What: 4 miles easy
    Why: Bradford 10k tomorrow
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: no

    Good weekend all
  • Morning

    Nice day in Dubai too, 23C and sunny.

    What: 22 miles in 3 hours across the gravel tracks
    Why: went out to do 13 but club mates are training for Two Oceans Ultra and I went along for the ride
    Last Hard: yesterdays cycle
    Last Rest: Sunday

    Good luck to those racing.

  • morning all

    Gorgeous morning for a run.  Fab sunshine but really heavy frost. As the sun warms everything up, things are steaming!   And to make things even better I had a lie in this morning and didn't get up until (gasp) 7am!  

    I hit the submit button on my job application yesterday.  It closes on Monday so I hope to hear if I get an interview next week.  I will be very surprised if I don't get an interview.  

    What: 7.5 miles in a gentle plodding styleeee
    Why: it's a beautiful saturday morning just made for a run
    Last hard: wednesday
    Last rest: 8 Jan

    Have a good 'un

  • Morning,

    Thanks for the hair compliments, proposals/fights included image AF - chuck in a fried egg, chilli sauce and chutney sandwich and I'll think about it.

    Very true about things being put into perspective by events in Christchurch and Japan... sounds like a lovely service NZC.

    Belated happy birthday to Mrs Paddy - although I read 'balloons' as 'baboons' and got a very strange mental image.

    Fingers crossed Mava!

    Well, yesterday's wedding went very well indeed. BF's mates are all lovely, and several are into Funeral For a Friend which is always a bonus! One is even going to the same gig as me next week. All in all it was a fab day. He gets to meet my side today - well, the Stoke part anyway. We're going up there later to celebrate my best friend's 30th.

    What: 5 miles easy

    Why: Back to schedule

    Last hard: 13/03

    Last rest: 17/03

    Lyrics: Very familiar, but no

    Good luck Gobi, Chickadee, ZaTTu, JEB and anyone else racing this weekend. Enjoy the sunshine!

  • Morning

    What 21+ LSR
    Why busy tomorrow
    Lyrics No

    Quite a pleasing run today. The first 15 miles seemed laboured burt having checked back through the splits come out at between 7 and 7:20 mm. Decided to try the last 6 at PMP which came out 10 sec faster at 6:40 mm

    Having lost my way a bit for three weeks I am undecided whether to do one or two more 20+ runs before taper. This would be more to aid post run recoivery than anything else.

    Good luck to all those racing and hope everyone enjoys the sunshine while it lasts!

  • Afternoon.

    26 miles miles d&d on a lovely but breezy morning. Not a bad run.

    Tipp, Gobi, Chick and Jeb - all the best for the racing adventures.

    Nice non-scheduled long run DD

    PP - nice long run

    Talk Later

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all.

    Good luck with the job application mava.

    Very nice long run Paddy. Likewise DD.

    What: 5.2m easy.
    Why: Reading tomorrow *bounce* image
    Last effort: Wednesday.
    Last rest: 27/2.
    Lyrics: nope.

    Good luck to all racers and have a great weekend y'all image

  • Hey Zattu - run well tomorrow.
  • What: Dambuster Duathlon
    Why: I like racing
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: This year
    Lyrics: yeah I think so

    24th overall today and 4th in my age group but it was a poor effort. No run pace meant a steady effort that hurt. Bike and I realised today that I have done no hill work and it showed. I did however put about 10 good miles together so feel a flat TT and I shall go well. The last run was probably my best effort and showed how strong I was. Pretty much matched the pace of my first run.

    Now to cut back for the 100km next weekend :¬)
  • Good luck to all those racing.

    Gobi - It's all about having fun and enjoying it, now if you can do that in the 100km!! If you just tell yourself it is just a number, I guess it will be alrightimage

    What: 14 miles - big hills, beautiful morning - great to be out there.

    Good running everyone.

  • what: nothing
    why: haven't had a rest day for a few weeks. wasn't planned but was needed. followed it up with 11 hours sleep. feeling much better now.

    good luck ZaTTu, chickadeee and any others

  • Evening!


    Nice highlights. I'd also ask you to marry me if it wheren't for your taste in music image
    No, sadly I'm not training for a spring marathon. I didn't dare to sign up for one due to a surgery in november (removed some titan screws from my right ankle (who said you can't get hurt badly while running?))
    I'll try to run some marathon in the fall if I feel that I've got enough mile in my legs by then.

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope both your wishes come true.

    @Dubai Dave
    22C and sun ... Want to switch location with me for a few weeks? image

    Good luck with the application.



    What: 120min (~6:40/m)
    Why: Weekly long
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: -

    Life Sucks... And Then You Die! Or well, at least it felt like that after a close relative first won a lot of money on Monday, and then died in cancer Wednesday morning. Hence recovery this week has been shitty.

    Started the day by taking my xc-skiis and go to a cabin a few miles away to eat lunch, so had to do the run late in the evening. Decided to go by effort instead of trying to hit a specific pace. Ended up with a 20s/m faster run then usual but still averaging under 70%mhr.

    Club was missing a runner to be able to compete as a team in an indoor track meet this Thursday, so I promised to run the 3k. Have never raced on track, so will probably go straight to hell (not sure if I should pick up a pair of spikes or just go with my normal trainers). Goal is to at least have one runner behind me I cross the finish line.

    Oh, here's a picture of the lunch-spot:

    p.s How the ... do I change my profile picture? Tried to upload it 3 times now (size is ok), but it won't change.

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