Marathon Des Sables 2013



  • you have to be nuts to sign up for this but it takes a special kind of madness to sign up without having properly done your homework!!!

  • Hi Guys,
    I am taking part in the MdS 2013, I am trying to contact others within the Suffolk area to link with and exchange training tips etc...

    is there anyone within this area that is and can link with?

  • you are probably better off here:

    or here:
  • Anyone know the date for the mds 2013. I am on waiting list at present
  • I ran Marathon des Sables last year. Before that I had only run two marathons. I started training the September before and blogged about it at I loved it all - the training and the race. The feeling I got on my first ultra (not even a race, just me on my own running 30 miles out and back along the Thames Path) was brilliant! 

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