Sunday 20th March 2011

TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

Yeah, it's better to burn out than fade away

What: Reading HM.
Why: For funzies image
Last effort: I suspect today.
Last rest: 27/2.

Run well all.


  • Morning

    ZaTTu, Go well today and anyone else partaking

    MM: looking at that photo, we can swap for a week no problems

    What: Might have a splash in the pool at lunchtime, might not
    Why: Rest day / tired
    Last Hard: The weekend
    Last rest: 13.03


  • Good luck Zattu and Chickadeee!

    Anyone else racing? If so - hope you have a good one.

    MM - sorry to hear about your relative. You seem to have made a fantastic recovery from your ankle surgery. I'm no expert but I think that if you run in spikes when you're not used to them you risk upsetting your calves. If I'm ever in your neck of the woods I'm going to gatecrash lunch image

    NZC - sounds as though you've found your mojo!

    M - sounds as though you needed that rest.Are you happy with your race Gobi? I guess the focus was always on the 100k next week so pace was likely to be a little down on usual?

    What:                 LSR.
    Why:                   it's Sunday.
    Last hard:         5/3.
    Last rest:          11/3.

    Lyrics - yes.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Tipp - all the best for the big return.

    All the best to the others too - i think there'll be a few reports later.

    For me its Sunday recovery - short run, gym and dip. then its the last big week.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    mava: best of luck.

    MM: sorry to hear about your friend. Gorgeous lunch place!

    Gobi: honest race report. You know your weakness and can address it next time around. Have you run 100k before? Just curious. I know you did plenty of ultras but I am wondering if this one might be new territory. Probably not image

    Zattu: hope you had a good race (better than mine anyway) ...

    I came in at 1:40 and a bit. Pretty much as I had expected and I guess ok for the crap training that I did. I can't say I enjoyed today's race. Too much hard work for a pretty rubbish time. Well, on to 10k training now. Anyone got any ideas for a good training plan? I was thinking of weekly 800 or 1k reps, one LT run and longer reps (mile or 2k) and hills alternating weekly plus I'd like to keep a medium long run (13-15k) in the schedule as well.

    Yesterday's lyrics: Metallica - Until it sleeps. Madame O, I'm pretty sure you know the song. Favourite band of mine anyway.
  • What: 3 hour training ride with Newbury Road Club d&d
    Easy run PM
    Why: time to get bike fit, ok 2 weeks early but it was needed after the lessons from yesterdays race.
    Last hard: Today
    Last rest: Whatever
    Lyrics: Carlsberg

    Waiting for the Reading reports
  • hello peeps.

    MM - wow, amazing recovery you've made.   So sorry to hear about your relative.    Cool lunch spot but I've had enough of snow this year and I'm enjoying early spring!  I'll be moaning about the heat soon enough.

    Chick - don't beat yourself up.

    Waiting for news from Reaading...

    as for me, I did a dreary tour of the locality for my long run.  There was clearly some kind of cycling or tri event going on with one bit of the course running through Otford.  I've googled but can't find what it might have been.  There's a sportive on down in Hildenborough but that's further south and didn't hit Otford.

    What: 19.15 miles
    Why: LSR
    Last hard: wednesday
    Last rest: 8 Jan

    So that's 3 x 20, 1 x 19 and a half marathon in the last five weeks.   Toying with trying for an entry on the day at Paddock Wood half next weekend but the danger is I'll try to PB it only a week out from my first marathon of the year.  I'll see how I feel nearer the time.  I can get the train (or bus/train if engineering works) in less than an hour so it's no great upheaval...

    Have a good day all.

  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    chickadee - I know that feeling well. There are some races one is "up" for, and others where the effort does not bring the reward. Difficult to tell beforehand too, because sometimes I find I head out feeling that it is a Mistake, and something happens during the race that changes it all. Sorry it didn't happen for you today.

    Hope Zattu's having fun.

    Need a seriou read back later.

    The week is over. Term is ended. Bro-in-law made it to the altar, and is actually not doing too badly at the moment considering. They managed to get on top of the nausea, and since he's been able to keep food and drink down he's been able to get off the drip. It was a day of great solidarity, the more so since the familial aspect of his particular cancer is such that we are all in this together.

    Time now to sober up and get back to the job - 12 miles with fully loaded Lucy. Satisfied with that, will be even more so if I can do 8 tomorrow. It did take three hours. Legs lasted pretty well until about 9 miles. Still, if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. I will work on speed on Wednesday.
  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭
    A lovely circuit of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan today - 13 miles in 1:48 - highly enjoyable image
  • Chicka - I have completed 3 out of the 5 I have started with a best of 8hours.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    MM: sorry to hear about your relative

    Stickless: Glad the wedding went ok and that he was feeling better for the big day.

    Well done to the racers.

    Me: I was meant to run yesterday and swim today but ran out of time to run due to a friend visiting and trying to get to the bathroom shop to chose a new bathroom image  Swimming today is out of the question after a reaction to something has made my eye swell up (and running too due to contact lenses not being able to be worn - plus eye hurts when I move too much!).  All in all a bit of a flop for the training! I did walk around Cambridge for 3 hours yesterday though so I'm sure that counts for something...

    Never mind.  Can get back to it tomorrow.  

    Hope everyone has enjoyed the sunshine.

  • Chickadee - you're not long over your illness, well run on disrupted training.

    Had a great 10k today. Around 4k I was told I was 4th lady & as I could see the next lady ahead, thought 'why not' so I went for it, got into 3rd position by 4.5k then ran as fast as I could, determined not to lose the place, probably not a great race strategy, have no idea of the splits but managed a pb, 44:22, & 3rd lady. Presentation, prize & everything, 1st time for me, it feels great, can't stop grinning.

    What: Bradford 10k
    Why: aiming to race every month
    Last hard: that was
    Last rest: Friday
    Lyrics: I think I do
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all.

    Will read back in a bit, but for now......

    Reading HM in 72:59 (anybody want to lay money it will be rounded to 73:00 on the official results? image ) - which is an official 31s pb.

    Had a bad stitch from ~0.5-~8m and then had a bit of hammy cramp that started coming on during mile 12 - mini analysis as to whys in a separate post for those interested, so splits were all over the place.

    Went through the first mile in 5:10! Next mile was 5:19. Giving I had a stitch they didn't feel too rough, or possibly I was just concentrating on trying to clear the stitch, but reasonably positive in itself image

    Rough splits from the top of my head (Garmin auto ones were all out, but there were mats every 5k), 10k in 33:51, next 10k in something like 35:08 I think. I know I passed the 10m marker in 55:17 (meaning the last 5k was 17:42 - managing the cramp over the last bit cost me ~15-20s per mile at a guess as I slowed from 5:30 +/- to mid 5:4x on the auto splits).

    Anyway, all in, good painful fun and I have enough to work out where I am. Temps/conditions were generally good, but it felt humid, and it was a bit breezy at times, especially out towards the stadium for the last 5k.

    Main thing though was that I enjoyed being out and mixing with runners/racers again and just loved being out there. I'd have rather gotten my pain by running quicker rather than being restricted by a stitch and cramp, but there you go. All things considered I was 72:59 good on the day, and off the back of 7 weeks averaging 30mpw, and the last 8 averaging ~87mpw after the year I've had I think that's a decent starting point (even better when problems are taking into account).

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    I reckon the stitch was caused my too much water before the start, not enough of a warm-up (too congested, so was constantly start/stopping) being too excited and bouncing around, and, I think possibly carrying my inhaler up until 7m (as soon as I chucked it it started to go) - I'd noticed my right shoulder (same side as stitch) was tight, so was probably gripping it too much.

    The cramp was a simple one. I noticed after a few miles my left trainer was a little too loosely tied, and when my trainer is loose I know I have a habit of fidgeting my toes when it slides, which, in turn, I reckon, caused the hammy to go a little funny as it kept breaking my stride.

    All in, I reckon if I want a quick spring HM next year I'll have to run somewhere other than Reading as I think I get a little too excited/distracted with so many people shouting out for me and I know I run better when I'm more isolated (e.g. when I travelled to Edinburgh).

  • Just popping in to say 'Well done ZaTTu!'Great to see you back and running well.

    50km Om die Dam yesterday in 4:24. first half was a bit faster than I would have liked but took it easier in the second half. Chucked my cookies on the way home as I felt crap in the last mile or two. 87.5 miles for last week. The big one is on Saturday, Longtom is the closest one can get to simulating the Comrades experience.

    Did a 1 mile warm up and then 10 x 220m with my 11 year old daughter this morning. Legs are okay, but nervous as hell about Saturday.

    Train well.
  • Well done Jeb and Zattu!

    Nice to see you Sporta - any chance of popping in a little more often? Sounds as though training is going well.

    Stickless - that 12 must be your longest in a while? Hope you recover enough to get out again tomorrow.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Cheers Sporta. I noticed your 50km on FB - impressively nuts! Good luck for Longtom. What's the Comrades target?

    Gobi - it's tricky enough to get the running mix right. Throwing a bike element in whilst in running focus was always going to mean something gave somewhere, so sounds like a good 'bad' one to me. Very positive on the second run. What's the course profile like for next week?

    MM - that sucks indeed. Sorry to hear about your relative. Re: spikes, if you're not used to them they'll thrash your calves. I'd go with trainers myself. Cool pic btw!

    chicka - you've been sick for quite a while so not sure what you expected. I've got some 10k training ideas based on Jack Daniels, so will try post some of the sessions I'll be doing later to give you an idea.

    Stickless - delighted to hear that all went off well for bro-in-law. My sis has started her chemo as well, but so far she seems to be suffering minimal side-effects.

    Very nicely done JEB.

  • Nice job Sporta enjoy Longtom I have interesting memories of that event.

    Twiggy - course in Scotland is flat 2.4km loops
  • what: 10k easy
    why: continuing the theme of rest this weekend.

    feeling much better now though (not that I'd really realised I was feeling bad in the first place!) and seriously contemplating a 5k race on Tuesday.

    chickadeee - sorry you weren't happy with your race. hope the 10k training goes well. have you got a target race in mind?

    ZaTTu - nice running - shame about the other distractions. sounds like you coped well though.

    jeb - congratulations on 3rd lady!!! nothing quite like that feeling. well done on the PB too.

  • Tipp - great to see a result for the diary and a bit of a marker post set down. I suppose its a step on the "Road to Berlin".

    Nice work Jeb too

    Later all
  • Chickadee - 1.40 is still pretty good.

     I think the main thing is you want to run a good 10k is to run 60 miles a week - if you can do that you can run hard from start to finish, and you seem to be able to handle mileage easily so shouldn't be a problem for you, and if you throw in a few quality sessions too to make it interesting, it should be good.

    Mava - good long runs.

    Stickless - lovely that your brother-in-law was able to make it to the alter. You sound like you are getting pretty strong.

    JEB - congrats for your 10k PB and 3rd placing - good on you.

    ZaTTu - great stuff - good to be back!! Let's hope they don't round it to 73!

    Sporta - nice 50km there mate! Good luck for Longtom!!

    What: 3000m - 13.00.94 - only wished it was 12.59.94 what a difference a second makesimage

    Good running everyone.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Chickadee- well done

    JEB - good 10k PB and 3rd place

    ZaTTu -good comeback

    Sporta - good 50km

    NZC - next time for going under..

    Me - 4 laps of lightning run 12 hour race, only did that (4 laps) as running partner was ill, so treated as a long run then declared myself finished after the 4 laps (22.5m) niceLSR done.

    Take care

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Rounded to 73:00 unfortunately NZC. Nice 3k.

    Gobi - best of luck for it. Sounds like a completely different course from your last 100km (iirc that was the Italian one?).

    RFJ - sounds like a nice way to bag a long run.

    Puffed away on a nice Cuban (Montecristo Petit Tubo for anybody interested in such things) with a drop of Scotch this evening. I feel like I've finally put the whole knee saga behind me.

    Lyrics were Rock of Ages by Def Leppard.

  • Evening! (or should I say good night?)


    @Little M.iss Ultra Happy & Mava
    Yeah, I can't complain about the recovery from the injury. It was actually quite severe. I crushed the "bump" on outside of the ankle (don't know the English word for it) and ruptured 3 tendons while at it. It ended with me having 1 titan plate, 8 titan screws and some staples to fixate the bone and put the tendons back to where they where supposed to attach to the bone.
    Nice long runs.

    Nice raced, and congratulations to the 3rd place.

    There are tons of more races to run. Just take your experiences from this race with you to upcoming ones. Under performing sucks, but we all do it once in a while.

    Bummer it was rounded up. However, nice raced this early in the season. Looking forward to see your progress towards your fall marathon. I think I'll take my chances with spikes even if they trash my calves for a few days. I think I need all the help I can get to cut a few extra seconds.

    Isn't it pretty usual to hit that :00 or :01 as a runner? I feel like I do it in at least half of my races image


    What: 75min easy paced run
    Why: Easy runs make racing easy image
    Last hard: Thursday maybe?
    Last rest: -

    An ok training week with 87 miles run. Cutting down the mileage to around 60 during next week to allow for recovery and some kind of performance on Thursdays 3k.

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