Nutritional Content of Skimmed Milk vs Semi-Skimmed

I have been drinking skimmed milk for a while now as I wanted to try and lose some fat.
Even though I have increased my running distance I have not lost any fat but to be honest it's only a vanity thing as I do plenty of running and eat well but have a bit of a belly.

I had believed that there was a reduced level of nutritional content in skimmed milk as the process of skimming it removed some of the nutrients but I was amazed to find that whilst this is true for a small number of nutrients (such as Vitamin C - skimmed has half as much) some nutrients are actually HGHER in skimmed milk (e.g. potassium). How can this be?

Anyway the good news is I can stick to skimmed milk as I won't be losing out on any nutrients that I don't get much of elsewhere in my diet).

Here is the report on the nutritional content that I got the info from (and there's a lot of good stuff in milk!)


  • The level of some nutrients is higher in skimmed milk because they're in the watery bit of the milk not the fatty bit. If you take the fatty bit away you have more watery bit and hence more of those nutrients... it's not exactly rocket science.
  • But presumably less of the fat-soluble nutrients?
  • I'm not too sure that something that has the taste and texture of water that you've just washed paint brushes in can really be considered as nutritious image
  • That makes sense M.Ister W and I prefer your non-sciency explanation!
  • All forms of cow's milk should be banned from the UK marketplace other than skimmed milk as part of a campaign against obesity. Whether skimmed milk tastes good or not is a matter of opinion. Personally, I think skimmed has an absolutely beautiful flavour especially the organic milk. I don't understand how anyone can enjoy the flavour of fat; it doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps their taste buds are all messed up with all the rubbish, fats, salts and sugars that they consume. Once a proper healthy diet is found and adhered to. Once the excess salts, fats and sugars are omitted from their diet for a substantial period of time, they will begin to taste their food and not the cr** that it has been adulterated with. For example, a potato without salt or anything else added is absolutely gorgeous; a salad sandwich without butter, mayonnaise, salad cream, or even meat and cheese, but just with fresh salad and tomato is beautiful and not dry at all. Good quality proteins can be found in fish, nuts, beans (butter beans, kidney beans etc.) skimmed milk, one or two poached or boiled eggs every other morning. Health is your wealth, so value it. 

  • Oh great, someone from the Gastronomic Gestapo has just joined the forum image

    Personally I agree with Ian M - semi skimmed or don't bother at all, skimmed doesn't taste of anything.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Brilliant, so after my Sunday 20 milers all I'm allowed is a dry old salad sandwich and a dry boiled potato?

    I may as well give up on life if we can't have a little of what we fancy every now and again.

    Should alcohol be banned as well?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I am fairly sure there are a few items higher up the list than semi skimmed milk to banimage. Half a pint of semi skimmed milk delivers about 130 calories, nominal fat and plenty of calcium and protein. I find it a great post workout drink, or as a snack if a little hungry.

  • Quite Millsy. Personally, I feel for anyone who can't appreciate a Sunday roast.

  • Screamapillar wrote (see)

    Quite Millsy. Personally, I feel for anyone who can't appreciate a Sunday roast.

    So long as its roast butternut squash you should be ok, just try not to enjoy it too much 

  • Be assured Dave, I give myself a good flogging with a cat o' nine tails afterwards image


    Idiot, you'll have the cats protection league invading now !    image

  • Don't worry, it's not made from real cats image

    I'm eating a flapjack at the moment - someone needs to suggest a suitable punishment image 

  • Some dietary fat is essential. Without it, you'd die.

    And I doubt the fat found in milk contributes significantly to obesity. Most whole milk is only around 4% fat. If you want to make a big difference to your diet, go for low fat cooking methods - that makes a HUGE differenec to energy intake.

  • Screamapillar wrote (see)

    Don't worry, it's not made from real cats image

    I'm eating a flapjack at the moment - someone needs to suggest a suitable punishment image 


    I propose that in punishment you give the flapjack to me image

  • Too late! image 

  • Dang it!

    I guess I'll just have to eat the scones I made yesterday instead... image

  • Wicked child, you'll burn in Hell! image

  • I've been eating a lot more fat in my diet over the last year and my cholestrol level is fine and my body fat doesn't appear to have changed. Nuts, coconut oil, full fat yoghurt (natural goat and greek) and olive oil (cold pressed and unfiltered). Mind you I don't like milk so tend to stick to skimmed as it tastes the least like milk!

    I wouldn't mind a scone - with jam and clotted cream please!

  • Low fat schmo fatimage

    Been drinking full fat milk all my life and ain't about to stop now I'm 40 odd.  I eat real food, proper food, don't agree with modifying food that we have been consuming for generations milk, butter, cheese, eggs etc just to take out the natural fat.  You want to drink skimmed milk feel free, leave the real milk for the rest of us. 

    In the office where I work just now we have shared fridges - I only ever buy blue milk and I am in the great minority, consequently my milk never gets pinched (side benefit!), I constantly get comments from one lard boy or another saying ooh you're drinking the bad stuff....  Half an hour later they will be the one at the coke machine getting Diet Coke obviously as that's better for you (don't get me started on that one) and washing it down with a bar of chocolate.

    Eat right and exercise right, the rest takes care of itself in my opinion.......................

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    image 'Like'

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    "For example, a potato without salt or anything else added is absolutely gorgeous"

    No in my opinion it's not.  It's bland and boring! And skimmed milk just tastes of water.


  • I think a lot nutrionists are now coming round to Ghost Rider's way of thinking.  The big problem is not fat but processed food and drinks packed full of sugar.

    I haven't really read the evidence either way but full milk, butter and eggs definitely sound much nicer than a baked potato with nothing on it.

  • Anything in excess can be toxic - too much fat in the blood is linked to heart disease, etc., and too much sugar in the blood is linked to insulin resistance, diabetes, and more recently also to heart disease. Just eat good food, not too much, and use your body!

  • What sort of amount of fat are you talking about? 2 stones or 2 lbs over weight. If it's the latter counting the fat one the milk might make the difference otherwise probably not.

  • Ultra bookie, only type 2 diabetes is linked to diet and lifestyle. Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with either. Sorry to hijack the thread, it's a little crusade that I'm on.

    and hear hear re the milk. Full fat milk, at 4% fat, is hardly a high fat food.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I notice that Lornell hadn't been bank to defend their comment.
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