New Trainers = knee pain?

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 Being fairly new to running, I decided not to spend a lot of money on trainers in the middle of last year, and purchased some New Balance 662 (I think) from JJB Sports....enjoyed running, but had a few issues and didn't really stick at it.

Starting in January this year I resolved to try harder, and run more. As I walk the dog 3 times a day, every day, for a minimum of 2 miles, and am a fellwalker I started off on a program of running only, just 2 miles twice a week, then 3 times a week, then 3 miles sometimes, then up to 4. A week ago I ran 5.5 miles (in 50m18s). At all times I suffer from aching legs (to be expected!) - but also some left knee problems, stiffness, aches...and after the long run some ITB pain (nothing serious, just an ache for a couple of days). I've had a cold all week, so decided to take it easy.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and went to a local running shop for gait analysis. The video clearly showed my left ankle collapsing inwards massively at every stride, my shoes giving nowhere near enough support. After a long and detailed discussion and trial session, including running around the block, I purchased a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 7. Looking at the video they help my ankle stay in line perfectly, and on trying them on both the treadmill and the street they felt fine, very different to the feel of my other shoes, but definitely comfy, and as though they were using all of my energy to propel me forwards (an improvement definitely!) The shop advised that I should take it easy for the first week, just starting off with short (1.5 to 2 mile runs) while my legs got used to the new shoes - and if I wasn't happy they would take them back for a full refund as long as I don't get them too dirty!

So, off I went today for a run....and within 3/4 mile my left knee was feeling weak, like it could collapse, the outside of my knee was I stopped, stretched, walked a few seconds....and then started running again....and then my left knee - well, you get the picture! I ended up doing most of the second half of the run by running about 300yds, then walking 100....

So, is this just my legs being totally unused to running in a straight line, or am I wearing the wrong shoes and about to knacker my knee in a big way?

All help and advice very gratefully received!




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    always do short runs in new running trainers and use old ones if running a long way
  • I took my son for some new trainers after he ran  the Great North Run last year , he was struggling with knee pain but didnt want to change his trainers so near the run, he had his gait analysed and  the man in the shop said it was worthy of  U Tube , he recommended a pair of shoes  and a few tips on trying to improve his running style, he also recommended that he didnt run in the shoes for a couple of weeks just walk around in them, he didnt listen and suffered for it, He realised his mistake and walked in them for about a month and has been pain free ever since
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