Getting a passport - quickly

There has been a bit of a blunder in the hobbit household - I'm due to run the Paris Marathon in three weeks time and follow it on with a little holiday, but both of our passports have expired. Oops. image

Has anyone used the Check and Send service at the Post Office - it does say it takes an average of 2 weeks...

Or the Premium Service, where we go to the passport office, pay an extra £30 and get one in a week...

Or the four hour service, for an extra £50. Ouch.


  • I've had to do the four hour jobby in the past. image

    It's a pain in the aris, the office is in the middle of nowhere and you have hours to kill and nowhere to kill them. But the people are very pleasant. image
  • Thanks, Jj image

    The irony is we didn't sort it before they expired because of the cost of renewal (£80!!), then just forgot about it, and now we will be paying more. Doh image
  • I know a guy who can get you passports...German, Russian, what ever you me under the clock tower at 10 image
  • I've done the check and send before and it took a couple of weeks but I wouldn't trust it if I had something that close coming up
  • That's my thinking, in my heart of hearts, too TP image
    I'm sure if we went for Check and Send, it would be back well within time, but would it be worth the stress? Probably not.


    I must try not to think what else I could be spending that £60 on...

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    celebratory drinks...£6.50 a pint in 2009 but the company was good.
  • Last time I renewed my passport I did the check and send service and I'm sure I got mine back within 2 weeks.... so you should be OK with that if you've got another 3 weeks before you travel.... but you may decide you don't want to risk it.

    Mine ended up being a bit of a rush-job when I had to go on a work trip.... it hadn't entered my mind that my passport was due to expire, and it was pure fluke that I happened to flick though it when I did; otherwise I'd have turned up at the airport (with my boss) with an expired passport. image

  • i know three people who have recently renewed passports and got them within a couple of days, so two week one should be fine, but do you want to risk it?

    My OH got his renewed in Feb and had to use to guarantee week service. Appointment was last thing wednesday afternoon and it arrived inthe post Friday! Annoying to have to spend £30 extra but was cheaper than losing out on the holiday if it hadn't arrived. 

  • My mother got hers returned in about 10 days - then the earthquake & tsunami intervened. In the maintime my passport has just lapsed and I was about to renew, but now my mother-in-law in California has been taken ill so my wife is flying straight out there and I can't go with her. Think they'd notice if I tried to sneak through with my mother's passport?
  • I've done the passport in a day thing before now  - but the office is only 20 mins away on the train. Handy for me.
  • Last time i renewed my passport I did the check and send thing.

    They still sent it back.

    They said my photo looked "too different" to the previous passport.

    which I interpreted as not meant in a complimentary way.image

  • Ah yes, the photo image
    I've not yet braved one of those horrific machines - that's a job for tomorrow!
    That kind of rejection is one of my worries though, JB - it's been a tough ten years image
  • Go to happy snaps for the photo, costs a bit more than the machines but they do do it to conform>

    I had to do a premium service job before IM Germany last year being old and senile and forgetting........ 30 mins in and out the office in Victoria so quite painless and worth the piece of mind for me

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Yep, I've done the 'one day' service at Victoria and it was fine. Just had to pay, that's all.
  • "30 mins in and out the office in Victoria"
    Blimey - it's improved since 2001 th...

    oh shit.
  • My daughter's photo was sent back 3 times image - I wouldn't risk the 2 week one.
  • Mr F has bitten the bullet - he is off for an appointment at Liverpool on Friday for the Premium (one week) option.

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys image

    Of course, they could still reject my application as I won't be there in person, but they have assured us that it should be fine...
  • Jj wrote (see)
    "30 mins in and out the office in Victoria" Blimey - it's improved since 2001 th... oh shit.
    Ha ha ha....*wonder how many other forumites have checked due to this thread*
  • Useful stuff this, seeing as I've spent about 3 hours today trying to find my passport and have come up with nothing.
  • I'm pretty sure mine's in the filing cabinet under the bureau, and has 4 or 5 years left on it.
  • Not that you started a panic but mine has now been located and has 2 year left to run image
  • Do you have to get an adult passport as soon as you turn 18?  Or can the current one do you until it expires (talking about my son here...)
  • GFB I kept miine until it expired. Got my seocnd five year one at 15 and used it until I turned 21.
  • Update - I have a shiny new passport image

    However, Mr F's has not yet arrived image
  • I used the online option to get them to send me a pre-completed form, then I took it to the Post Office and used the Check & Send thingy last Monday lunchtime and my passport was delivered yesterday. Pretty impressive service.
  • ...edited to remove post as I'm being particularly dim today!
  • Just had a image moment regarding Mr F's passport earlier today, as it has still not arrived. It may have been sent to his parents' address in Shropshire. We will chase it down over the weekend if so, otherwise I'll be going to Paris alone...
  • We are a two passport family at last image
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