Swanage 12

That's the description for the event. Can anyone provide more information? I have been able to find out that it is actually 11.7 miles.

I am trying to build up to a half marathon in September so I would like to use this July race as a training run.



  • Hi Heavy Breather, this is a tough run.

    It starts on the Prom at Swanage and goes off onto country roads, but they are very busy with streams of traffic coming into the resort or to Corfe Castle. The run goes off towards Corfe before turning back towards Swanage.

    It is normally very hot with a 11am start, which IMHO is made worse by the fumes from the traffic, which is moving slowly!

    Well that was my experience of it. Would like to do it again though, but I'm not sure my hay fever would allow it.

    You can go for a nice swim in the sea after!
  • Lovely race, 4miles of climbing after the prom then its undulating till Corfe(aaaahhhhhhh Corfe, Lainey) oops sorry.
    Up Corfe hill then undulating back to Swanage, at YOU are now entering Swanage sign, its about 1.1 miles to go flat then down hill onto the prom 200m and finish.......

    1-19 pb and a 1-21....
  • Did this on holiday one year. Yes it is tough although scenic. It is very undulating and when I did it certainly hot, about 33C I think, and there is not much shade on the course. Didn't but as I say it was scenic and I did enjoy it. Certainly a swim, a visit to Punch and Judy (my 7 year old dragged me away from the finish to the show) and a plate of mussels onm the seafront at the end made it all the more enjoyable.
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