VLM 2011 app

Apologies if this question has been asked and answered.

 Just got my pack through for London (5111) and am speaking with friends about viewing points and tracking my run. Just wondering if anyone knows of an iphone app for the race, I have searched without success. I am running Brighton the week before and there is one for that race so am a little surprised I cannot track an app for London


Chris (starting to get a little nervous now)image


  • I use some GPS iphone apps to measure my runs, and if you join google latitude your friends also on latitude can see where you are.  Hence me getting texts off my mates asking me why I'm miles away from anywhere in the evening. You could try that.
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    Thanks cougieimage
  • imapmyrun and runkeeper both show where i am on Latitude - not sure about other apps ?
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