run for the children (Bath)

Is anyone doing this on 13th July at Bath uni?


  • me i hope but i'll not be able to run all the way
  • I will be doing this one, probably with a small person on my shoulders for most of the way!
    Has anyone received any numbers or info on where to go yet? I booked on the RW web-site and can see the entry on my credit card statement so I'm not panicking yet ...
  • tyango have you done this before?
    i'm very new to running and am nervous because i shan't be able to run all the way
    any ideas of what time the last person gets in ?
    worried bb
  • BB I haven't done this race before, but it will be a good one for you if you are new to running and worried about your time.
    There will be a lot of people doing run-walk rather than running all the way. I will be run-walking with my wife and two young children. We hope to finish in under 30 minutes, but if we don't, then we probably won't be last! (I was last once in a race, but it was a pb for me, so I was over the moon.)
    Good luck!
  • thanks tyango
  • bb, I havent run this particular race before but ran the race 4 life at Bath and both my daughters run at Bath regularly. They normally do a good job but I suppose it depends on who is marking the course etc.

    I still havent received my number etc has anyone else?

    Look forward to seeing you all there
  • not yet bitch
  • Still no sign of a race pack. The telephone is unattended and not taking messages. I have sent an email to but have not had a response.
    I guess we will just go to the university and hope there are signposts.
  • same here tyango nothing received
  • I'm running (and walking) with my daughter and we've not had numbers yet. Have also sent e-mail but no reply. Did have an e-mail confirmation though when originally applied so guess that will do.
  • there will be a marque on the grass and we collect our numbers on the day
    i just spoke to the univesity
    (poor grammar but you get my drift)
  • Thanks for the info BB, I haven't had a response from the organisers.
    I'm looking forward to the race. It will be good to run together as a family after all the support they have given me in previous races.
  • hope we all have a good morning
    i have to say i'm unimpressed by the lack of information we have received
  • bb, quite agree with you. I havent received any info although they were quick in taking the money from the account. I only hope that the event is well organised when we get there.

    Wont know who you are when you get there, but have a good time!!
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