Pensford 10k


Honest feedback on the Pensford 10k please? Fancy a race with a difference and I see it is very hilly!!!



  • Blimey guys and girls there must be someone out there who is willing to give me some feedback please.imageimage
  • Strongly recommend it. Did it last year and remember the route as having 3 hills of varying steepness. The first is a mere mound, the second a bit of a lumb and then the third is beast.  But, after that it's a coast down to the finish.  the scenery is picturesque, worth taking a glance around.
  • Friendly. Great cakes. BIG hill. Satisfaction rating high- if only because you can say you beat the hill!

     2012 the weather was atrocious and that is not exaggerating. Rain and wind with a chill factor of below freezing. Despite it all I managed a PB! Perhaps it was the beetroot juice, the abstention from alcohol for weeks, or even because of the weather. Whatever the reason the PB probably does cloud my judgement  a tiny bit.......but hey I will do it again.

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