New Style of Shoe

Hi All

 Have just spent a very instructive half hour reading back through (very) old posts re:breaking in new shoes, however, I didn't quite get the info I needed, so apologies but i'm going to ask!

 Having had gait analysis at the weekend which showed a clear "turning over" of my left ankle during my stride (and mild overpronation, and the fact I don't lift my left leg anywhere near as high as my right) I'm now the owner of a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 7, a stability shoe as opposed to my old NB neutral shoes.

The question I have is how long should it take to get used to the completely different position my knee and ankle are now in if I run? I've tried a couple of very short runs since buying them, and despite them feeling great in the shop (and round the block), they now are causing a lot of aggravation in my left knee. I'm now walking the dog in them, and wearing them round the house in an attempt to get used to them. As they are a completely different style of shoe to my old ones, should I still be using my old ones for running while I break the new ones in, or will that just delay my legs getting used to the new gait?

All advice greatfully received!



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