happy anniversary to me

so a big thank you to everyone i have met through the forums in 'real life' or 'virtually'.i thought i was going to hate but endure running as a means to lose some weight,little did i know.....

so i have managed to lose 1 1/2 stone,and gone from fat lardy to 'running bore'(mrs p).couldn't have got round the few races i have done without great help from fellow forumites,looking forward to meeting loads more of you at windsor and many subsequent events.

thanks everyone.


  • Are you having a party, Alex?

    What would you say has been the highlight of your running so far?

    Keep on running,


  • Wowee! You and The Evil Pixie are twins, Alex. I'd never spotted the resemblance before.
  • biggest highlight so far is finishing nyc marathon after nearly losing it on queensboro bridge-thank you ms evans.i had been 'stood up' by the guy who had persuaded me to get running under the pretext of our BOTH doing the race,so i fell back on the good offices of the forum...and that was that...well done OB and the NYC gang...and the folks at macmillan for making it far too easy to do it,no chance to back out at all...
    other highlights..imber in march was pretty special.flm less good,but unfinished business as i WILL go sub 4 next year.not 4.27 as this year. odds and sods-the surprise on my dad's face after i got back from running 10 miles in a thunderstorm and had enjoyed it...the thrill of being able to see my toes again-though losing toenails is a new thing i could live without...discovering there is intelligent life north of watford...whole new energy and a other baby on the way...my daughters wanting to join in at windsor this year...the number of people who have said you look so much better,even when i don't...
    being properly hydrated.and the cameraderie-even if only ocasionally acknowledged when out in london after dark--of the running fraternity which has made me so welcome.
    a whole new way of life really....
  • thanks v rap-get the genetic testing gear out,if we're all only 2% different to the chimps we must be pretty close...!!
  • off home now,more after the weekend's efforts
  • happy birthday to Pix and Popple!
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