Long Standing Records

Does anyone know what is the longest standing athletics track world record.


  • Not Me!
  • Kratochvilova 800m if you only mean running
  • Artgod, thanks that's a good link but it doesn't seem complete. What about the records for say 5 hours or 50 miles, are there official world records for these events?
  • ultraaaaaaas

    oh yesa please
  • Just found this one.

    100 miles in 11:30:51 Don Ritchie (GB) London Oct. 15, 1977.

    That's 26 years.
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    a FAST ultra runner
  • He sure was fast but what about this one I've found.

    World best WALKING record.
    24 hours 133 miles 21 yards Hew Neilson Walton on Thames 14/15 October 1960.
    Surely that must be the longest standing at 43 years.

    It may not be classed as a World Record, just as a World Best (whatever the difference is).

  • What about the old events that aren't done now - standing long jumps and stuff?
  • Chariot racing?

    Hold on, I'll go and ask JJ about it.

  • Why isn't Paula's World record up there as an IAAF record? Or is it "just" a World Best?
  • Well if they aren't done any more I suppose the records will stand forever.
    I was really looking at track records and considering whether the older they are indicates the quality then or the lack of progress since then. Hundred miles races are held every year and the running record is over twenty years old and the walking record was set over forty years ago. They must have been exceptional athletes.
  • Reindeer, world records have to be set on the track (I think).
  • Yes, I think you're right, I think they count as WB's otherwise.

    I suspect that a lot of the records from the early/mid eighties are the result of drugs that weren't detected as much as anything else.

    Having said that I suspect that a lot of the British middle distance records (Coe/Ovett/Cramm era) still stand and would also be from the mid eighties.
  • The high altitude at the Mexico Olympics was given as partly the reason for Bob Beamon's World Record in the Long Jump and that stood for an incredibly long time.
    Lynn Davis' Long Jump British Record set in the 1960s also stood for a very long time but I'm not sure how long.
  • I think it was only broken recently - can't remember the name of the guy who did it - young bloke, blonde straggly hair.

    As for Beamonn - I suspect altitude played a part but from what I've heard he wasn't an outstanding jumper at the time, if it was just the altitude then you'd expect others to jump as far.

    I have a feeling that Cathy Cook's sprint records still stand, but I couldn't swear to that.
  • http://www.gbrathletics.com/uk/mc99.htm

    Some long standing ones here. GB only
  • what about the 4 x 800m relay or the 4 x 1500m relay they havent been run in years
  • If events aren't run at least once every five years I think they should be discounted. I therefore believe the two longest standing world records are as follows.

    24 Hours - Walking.
    Hew Neilson (GB). 133 Miles 21 Yards. 1960.
    Still standing after 43 years.

    100 Miles - Running.
    Don Ritchie (GB). 11:30:51. 1977.
    Still standing after 26 years.

    Both events are still held at least once a year.
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