Seaford Half-Marathon

I was wondering if anyone has done this race, I done Hastings at the weekend and loved it, just wondering how hilly this one is in comparison to it as I am thinking of doing it.


  • Hi Sharon,

    I have signed up to do this, this year. First time for me but I know the area well as it's where I do all my running.

    It's quite hilly and about 90% off road. I think it's only the first few miles that are on road.

    I'm not sure that any of the hills are steeper than Harleyshute Road but there are some long ones, and the views are well worth it.

    Not sure this helped really but hey ho image

  • Thanks Stig109  your reply  has helped,I have never ran off road, it looks such a nice race though,I might have to give it a go. I can imagine the views would be great at the top of The Downs, well worth the hill training again image.  I also think for £10 it could be very good value!

  • Do it, you won't regret it. There is £15 to pay on the day as well, in case you weren't aware.

     Let me know if you want any running routes in the area for practice, I know some good ones.

  • Its looking more and more likely I am going to register . Know any good trail routes near Bexhill as I don't drive, within running distance obviously image.

  • I don't know any that way myself, but have a look on here. Failing that try mapmy or You should be able to find something on there.
  • did you find any routes ?
  • Not as yet, but I am going to start running on grass as much as I can!
  • I'd say it's harder than Hastings. My half PB was achieved there, while at Seaford I've never done it in less than two hours
  • +1 with TR

    it's a lovely off-road course (if the weather's kind - if not be prepared!) but it's not an easy one - much harder than Hastings imho. I've done it a few times but no more - I hate the stretch alongside the Cuckmere from Alfriston, it does my head in for some reason!

    SD - if you want some good trail routes from Bexhill but don't drive - pop on the train to Eastbourne and then run up onto the South Downs Way and around Beachy Head. fab on a nice day. alternatively, train to Hastings and then up over Fairlight Head into the Hastings Country Park - lots of trails up there.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Catch a bus or a train or gat on your bike, I cycle out to the downs a couple of times a week - Lewes is 15 miles from me but Longman is only about 5. Some great routes to run. image I've mapped the ones that I run, a couple are on fetch and others on Map.

    I have run Seaford half. I'd love to do it again and improve on my time. I ran with a friend along the river bank when I did it. It was blowing a gale - guy behind me didn't like the fact that I wasn't providing anything like a wind break for him. image got blown off my feet over Seaford Head - glad the wind blew me inland and not over the top. image

    There's only a small stretch of road at the begining and an even smaller one toward the end. One long hill, a sharp downhill, mostly flat til a short climb up to Seafordhead then another downhill to finish with a run along the seafront - mind the tourists - to the finish.

    I'd like to do it again this year, it's def on my list of to do but it clashes with another maybe, so it all depends.

  • Any ideas how much the hills take off an average time for a road half-marathon? Just trying to get a feel for how undulating it is. I think I'll give Seaford a go this year after missing out on Hastings and Eastbourne halfs through injury. Did the Beachy Head Marathon last year so hopefully won't be too shocked by the hills!

  • If you did Beachy Head marathon than you are well prepared for the course. Just think half of Beachy so half the hills but the same undulations...if that makes sense image

    I love this one, nice relaxed event with walkers too, oh and biscuits at the check points!

  • Sharon - I've popped in here from the Thanet Marathon thread - your email is not accepting any replies from us!!!  If you message me here directly I can answer your question - I promise we're not ignoring you!!!
  • Hi, we love this run and pop down from Leicester each year.  yes it's hilly and I'd add 15 - 20 mins on to your usual time if your not used to trail or hills. Cheap camping about a mile from the start for anyone travelling from further afield.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Outfoxedbycurryhell wrote (see)

    Hi, we love this run and pop down from Leicester each year. 

    yes it's hilly and I'd add 15 - 20 mins on to your usual time if your not used to trail or hills. Cheap camping about a mile from the start for anyone travelling from further afield.

    image No wonder they say strange things about you in Yorkshire!
  • I am quite interested in entering this race, but wonder how accessible it is by public transport? The event website isn't terribly helpful. Anyone got any advice about this?
  • The train station is only about a five minute walk away from the start / finish as is the bus stop which has buses running all along the coast.

    Hope that helps

  • does anyone have an entry place for Seaford half this year which they are not using? I am devastated to see taht it is arleady full up. Thanks - would be prepared to pay more than the £10 they are asking for it!
  • I was so disappointed to see on the NPS Lions website this morning that they are full and are not accepting on the day entries. I did the Seaford Half last june and paid in advance but on race day I saw there were so many people paying on the day that I thought I could do that this year.

    If anyone has a place that they cannot use anymore I will buy it off you!

  • I thought the same EP. Luckily I have a place in advance. Last year I couldn't run but I gave my number to a friend with no problems. Hope you get sorted emily
  • Hope everyone had a good run and those that wanted a spot got it image
  • It was great. Lovely but tough course. Think I deserve this glass of red wineimage
  • I'm looking forward to the huge roast dinner mmmm. Enjoy the vino !
  • great race, great medal, great atmoshere, but i have to say this the hills were challenging , this race was one of the haredst halfs i have ever done but its in my top 10 list , awsome day.

    N Le-Faye  hope you leg is ok i picked you up in the valley stretch when you fell over

    all the best dan

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