ouch! sore shins

Why do intervals hurt my shins so much is this normal? Must be crap running style.

Also I doubt that max HR ie 220-40=180 is quite right for me.
Measured three times in intervals today
180, 176, 172. First one = 100% surely not?

I have measured up to 196 cycling at velodrome when I felt dizzy - wisely never repeated.

PS I use carotid pulse over 15 secs so no HRM errors. Have learned this in first aid and think it's accurate.


  • Shins could depend on how long you've been running for. Mine were terribel for the 1st month then never troubled me.

    On HR, we all vary wildly. If you've reached 196 then treat that as your max.

    What is your resting HR?
  • Hope the shins improve.
    RHR usually around 60-64 though I have measured about 56 recently. Say about 60.
    The following thread is about Delta HR quite interesting. I'll measure mine tommorrow as HR still recovering from run at 88 now as I write.

  • I'd work on 196 minus 56 being your working HR range, so 140 then.

    So if you plan to do a run at 80% working heart rate, then it's 80% of 140 (which is 112) added onto 56 - so 168 then.
  • Thanks for that. So today i was at 88% that sounds more realistic.
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