Tough Mudder

As a former Marine this appealed to me, coming to the UK next year, cant wait.

As long as you dont mind getting dirty image


  • You'll have the tough guy crowd after you but it does look interesting.
  • Why wait til next year?! We're putting on a similar event in Warwickshire this year - have a look at! 10k approx. multi-terrain with natural and manmade obstacles, lots of mud and water and a great mix of trails through open ground and woodland...
  • sounds good, and i live in warwick,
  • Awesome - you could even escape home for a shower and come back for music and some good local food and drink afterwards!
  • Get yourself to the Lake District - surely the only place to do one of these types of event - check out and sign up before the end of May for a Discount - Saturday 6th 10K, Sunday 7th 10 miles!!

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